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Getting Started with iRules: Intro to Programming with Tcl

In this Getting Started with iRules series, We’ll cover topics ranging from this first installment, which includes some programming basics and concepts, up through F5 terminology and concepts, iRules basics and usage, components, etc. This primer... Read more
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Getting Started with iRules: Technology & Terms

In the last installment, we took a look at some programming fundamentals, with the hopes to get people on the same page so that we could start building towards some more advanced concepts. To do so, however, we would be remiss if we didn’t look at... Read more
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Getting Started with iRules: Basic Concepts

Welcome to the third installment of this series, wherein we will, for the first time, actually discuss iRules at length. That may sound odd, but there has been some important foundational work to do before diving too deep into the technology... Read more
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Getting Started with iRules: Logging & Comments

So far in this series we’ve covered some pretty varied topics, from a rudimentary primer on programming generalities to basic iRules components (and why they’re important.) In this article, we’ll cover a truly powerful yet simple function in... Read more
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