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Blog Roll 2013

It’s that time of year when we gift and re-gift, just like this text from last year.  And the perfect opportunity to re-post, re-purpose and re-use all my 2013 blog entries.  If you missed any of the 112 attempts including 67 videos,... Read more
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The First Six Remix

With 2013 cruising along and half the year in the rear view, I thought a rest stop with all the off-ramps thus far would catch you up on this road trip.  67 stops, 44 watchable. BYOD Behavior - Size Does Matter In 5 Minutes or Less - PCoIP... Read more
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Is 2013 Half Empty or Half Full?

It certainly has been a wild ride thus far for 2013 as we head into the second half.  Breaches, hacks, exposures, leaks, along with things like BYOD and SDN should make the next 6 months interesting.  From the many headlines in 2012,... Read more
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Interop2013: That's a Wrap

I wrap it up from Interop 2013. Special thanks to F5ers Ken Bocchino, Ken Salchow, Dan Kim, Sam Richman along with Christine, Courtney and Jeff for camera work. Also thanks to Brian Monkman of ICSA and Aaron Edwards of Big Switch Networks.... Read more
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Interop2013: DDoS'ing Interop Follow Up

I grab F5ers Ken Bocchino and Sam Richman to talk about DDoS’ing the Interop Infrastructure, the F5 gear used to protect the network and some of the mind blowing stats gathered over the last couple days of running Interop Net.   ps Related: ... Read more
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Interop2013: Partner Spotlight – ICSA Labs

I catch up with Brian Monkman, ICSA Perimeter Security Program Manager, to discuss certifications and testing along with how ICSA is adjusting some of their testing methodology to match some of the changes occurring in the industry…like... Read more
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Interop2013: Partner Spotlight - Big Switch Networks

Earlier this week, F5 and Big Switch Networks announced a joint solution that brings together F5 BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM), F5 iApps functionality, and the Big Virtual Switch network virtualization application. I meet with Aaron Edwards,... Read more
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Interop2013: BIG-IQ Cloud

I meet with Dan Kim, F5 Product Manager for Management Solutions, to learn more about BIG-IQ, BIG-IQ Cloud and the benefits of a management system that can span multiple cloud environments. BIG-IQ Cloud automates and orchestrates the deployment of... Read more
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Interop2013: F5 Certification Program

I catch up with F5 Certification Manager Ken Salchow to talk about how the Certification Program has grown over the last year since the announcement at Interop 2012. Ken discusses the new exams, his certification philosophy and how this all fits... Read more
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Interop2013: DDoS'ing Interop

For the 3rd year in a row F5 has a key role in the Interop NOC and this year we are showing how the F5 Application Delivery Firewall solution can protect against a DDoS attack against the Interop infrastructure. Ken Bocchino, Sr Consultant with F5... Read more
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Targets of Opportunity

#dbir ...Is one of the findings in #Verizon's 2013 Data Breach Investigations Report, which is chuck full of interesting data.  75% of the attack victims were selected because they had a weakness that an attacker knew how to exploit... Read more
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The Top 10, Top 10 2013 Predictions

Like last year, everyone has their Technology predictions with their annual lists for the coming year.  Instead of coming up with my own, I figured I’d simply regurgitate what many others are expecting to happen. Cloud computing in 2013: Two... Read more
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