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Proxy Models in Container Environments

Inline, side-arm, reverse, and forward. These used to be the terms we used to describe the architectural placement of proxies in the network.   Today, containers use some of the same terminology, but are introducing new ones. That’s an... Read more
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How Containers Scale – Service Mesh versus Traditional Architecture

Containers continue to be a hot topic. Some claim they are on the verge of a meteoric rise to dominate the data center. Others find them only suitable for cloud. And still others are waiting patiently to see if containers is the SDN of app... Read more
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Calico, Kubernetes and BIG-IP

Learn how to get F5's BIG-IP up in front of your applications with Calico and Kubernetes. Read more
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Load Balancing versus Application Routing

As the lines between DevOps and NetOps continue to blur thanks to the highly distributed models of modern application architectures, there rises a need to understand the difference between load balancing and application routing. These are not the... Read more
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F5 Friday: Routing in Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform with F5 Just Got Easier

Scaling applications with container-based clusters is on the rise. Whether as part of a private cloud implementation or just part of an effort to modernize the delivery environment, we continue to see applications – traditional and... Read more
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Scaling Containers

Containers are rapidly rushing to the fore. They’re the darling du jour of DevOps and it’s a rare conversation on microservices that doesn’t invoke it’s BFF, containers. SDx Central’s recent report on containers found only 17% of respondents that... Read more
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Ubuntu Core: Snappy with a side of DevOps

Lacking the traditional fanfare associated with any technology that can use the word "container" or mention "Docker" in its press release, Ubuntu Core and its new Snappy system management scheme was introduced late last year.... Read more
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