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BYOD Policies – More than an IT Issue Part 1: Liability

#BYOD or Bring Your Own Device has moved from trend to an permanent fixture in today's corporate IT infrastructure. It is not strictly an IT issue however. Many groups within an organization need to be involved as they grapple with the risk of... Read more
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Oracle OpenWorld 2012: BIG-IP APM Integration - Oracle Access Manager

It's an All-Akker video week at #OOW. I again get F5 Business Development Solution Architect, Chris Akker on camera - this time to show the configuration integration between BIG-IP Access Policy Manager and Oracle Access Manager. In just a few... Read more
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MEC 2012 - F5 Security Solutions for TMG EoL

I whiteboard with Business Development Solution Engineer Greg Coward about the various ways BIG-IP APM can help with Microsoft's EoL announcement of TMG, all while removing a layer of infrastructure, adding security, end point checks and... Read more
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VMworld2012: VMware View Single Namespace

I catch up with F5 SE Scott Friedman to whiteboard and discuss F5's Single Namespace solution for VMware View.  Only 1 URL to remember and let BIG-IP make the decisions. ps Read more
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Will BYOL Cripple BYOD?

Don’t ya love all the acronyms we have? So by now, you’ve probably heard that BYOD means Bring Your Own Device – a topic that is getting lots of press these days.  The concept of allowing employees to use their own personal device, often... Read more
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BYOD–The Hottest Trend or Just the Hottest Term

It goes by many names: ‘Bring Your Own Danger’, ‘Bring Your Own Disaster’ and what most people call ‘Bring Your Own Device’ and everyone it seems is writing, talking and surveying about BYOD.  What used to be inconceivable, using your own... Read more
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Pulse2012 Partner Spotlight - PhoneFactor

I catch up with Brian Pfeffer, Director of Business Development for PhoneFactor.  PhoneFactor's phone-based two-factor authentication solutions integrate with BIG-IP APM and BIG-IP Edge Gateway and Brian shows how it works along with some... Read more
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Pulse2012 - Verde VDI Remote Access

I grab F5 Systems Engineer Brian Tully to go through the F5 remote access solution for Verde VDI.  We discuss availability, optimization and security along with Virtual Bridge's Verde VDI offering. ps Resources: Pulse2012 - Find F5... Read more
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Ode to FirePass

A decade ago, remote VPN access was a relatively new concept for businesses; it was available only to a select few who truly needed it, and it was usually over a dial-up connection. Vendors like Cisco, Check Point, and Microsoft started to develop... Read more
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New iOS Edge Client

If you are running the BIG-IP Edge Client on your iPhone, iPod or iPad, you may have gotten an AppStore alert for an update.  If not, I just wanted to let you know that version 1.0.3 of the iOS Edge Client is available at the AppStore. The... Read more
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ICSA Certified Network Firewall for Data Centers

The BIG-IP platform is now ICSA Certified as a Network Firewall.Internet threats are widely varied and multi-layered. Although applications and their data are attackers’ primary targets, many attackers gain entry at the network layer. ... Read more
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Oracle OpenWorld 2011: Interview with F5's Andy Oehler

I chat with Andy Oehler, F5 Product Manager about BIG-IP Access Policy Manager, the integration with Oracle Access Manager and what APM brings to BIG-IP. ps Related: Oracle OpenWorld 2011 - Aloha:Find F5 Booth 1527 Oracle OpenWorld... Read more
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VMworld 2011: F5 BIG-IP v11 iApps for Citrix

The bonus VMworld2011 video - like the special features of a DVD! This was shot by our good friends at Dell and originally posted to the Dell TechCenter home page and Dell TechCenter YouTube channel. I interview F5 Solution Architect, Michael... Read more
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SANS 20 Critical Security Controls

A couple days ago, The SANS Institute announced the release of a major update (Version 3.0) to the 20 Critical Controls, a prioritized baseline of information security measures designed to provide continuous monitoring to better protect government... Read more
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Drive Identity Into Your Network with F5 Access Solutions

This webinar focuses on F5 Access solutions that provide high availability, acceleration and security benefits critical to your organization.  Running time: 55:51 ps ... Read more
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Who In The World Are You?

Steven Wright has said, 'It's a small world, but I wouldn't want to paint it.' The world is getting smaller with today's 24/7 global marketplace. Businesses have offices and employees around the world to serve the needs of the... Read more
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Do You Splunk 2.0

A little over two years ago I blogged Do you Splunk? about the reporting integration with our FirePass SSL VPN and BIG-IP ASM.  The Splunk reports have provided customers valuable insight into application access and user behavior along with... Read more
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RSA2011 - Interview with Jeremiah Grossman

I have a great chat with security expert Jeremiah Grossman, Founder & CTO of WhiteHat Security. The interesting discussion touches on WASC, XSS attacks, OWASP and a few other security topics. Fun and informative.</p> ... Read more
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RSA2011 F5 Partner Spotlight - PhoneFactor

I visit with Steve Dispensa, CTO of PhoneFactor for a demo of their token less multi-factor authentication to your phone. ps Resources: ... Read more
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RSA2011 F5 Partner Spotlight - OPSWAT

We meet with OPSWAT’s CEO Benny Czarny to talk about the F5 partnership and Steven Gill, VP Engineering, gives us a demo of some of their new technologies. ps ... Read more
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In 5 Minutes or Less Video - BIG-IP APM & Citrix XenApp

Watch how F5 customers can now simply use BIG-IP Access Policy Manager or BIG-IP Edge Gateway to consolidate access control in a central location, keeping infrastructure administration concerns to a minimum. With BIG-IP solutions, customers enjoy... Read more
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iDo Declare: iPhone with BIG-IP

Who would have imagined back in 1973 when Martin Cooper/Motorola dialed the first portable cellular phone call, that one day we'd be booking airline tickets, paying bills, taking pictures, watching movies, getting directions, emailing and... Read more
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F5 Tutorial: BIG-IP APM with SecureAuth

This video demonstrates the flexibility of BIG-IP Access Policy Manager and integration with SecureAuth, which provides two-factor authentication using SSL certificates. F5's Tony Torzillo shows how these integrate with the AD server to allow... Read more
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The New Certificate 2048 My Performance

SSL is a cryptographic protocol used to secure communications over the internet.  SSL ensures secure end-to-end transmission and is implemented in every Web browser.  It can also be used to secure email, instant messaging and VoIP... Read more
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F5 Access Policy Manager & Oracle Access Manager Integration - Part 1

A couple days ago, I posted the F5 BIG-IP Access Policy Manager and Oracle Access Manager Integration demo video created by Chris Akker and narrated by Chris Manley – who does a great job, by the way.  That was actually Part 2 of a longer... Read more
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