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Full Stack Security

When talking to someone who’s spent a lot of time around F5 technology, two words always come up: full-proxy and platform. BIG-IP is the platform of services offered by a full, dual-stack proxy. The proxy yields unmatched visibility and control at... Read more
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Implementing Lightweight East-West Firewalls with F5

In 2005, perpetual diva Miss Piggy portrayed all four of the directional witches (North, South, East and West) in Jim Henson’s Muppet’s Wizard of Oz. Despite a vigorous and, occasionally violent, performance, she was snubbed at the Academy Awards,... Read more
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一般企業向けのF5 DDoSリファレンス アーキテクチャ

今回投稿されたブログは、F5ネットワークスのテクノロジー・エバンジェリストであるDavid Holmesのブログ投稿「The F5 DDoS Reference Architecture - Enterprise Edition」を元に、日本向けに再構成したものです。 DDoSによる攻撃は依然として続いており、現在でもDDoS攻撃に対する防御は重要課題であり続けています。すでにこのDevCentralでは、グローバル金融機関向けのDDoSリファレンス... Read more
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グローバル金融機関向けのF5 DDoSリファレンス アーキテクチャ

今回投稿したブログは、F5ネットワークスのテクノロジー・エバンジェリストであるDavid Holmesのブログ投稿「The F5 DDoS Reference Architecture - Global FSI Edition」を元に、日本向けに再構成したものです。以下は、David Holmesの個人的体験談に基づいています。  皆さんは、ジョージ・クルーニー主演の「マイレージ、マイライフ(原題:Up in the... Read more
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Se protéger des IP frauduleuses grâce à IP Intelligence de F5 Networks

Le meilleur moyen de se protéger des attaques est de les contrer au plus proche - c'est à dire au moment de l'initialisation de la connection (plus communément appelé le 3-Ways-Handshake).   F5 Networks propose... Read more
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Thoughts from the security non-professional: don’t let your data escape

Probably the biggest IT security threat to F5 Networks is typing this blog, and probably the biggest threat to your organization is reading it. OK, I don’t mean me or you, as such. We are, after all, IT professionals and wouldn’t dream of clicking... Read more
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Software Defined Transformation - Management and Orchestration with F5 Synthesis

In this article we will look at how F5 continues to deliver the Management and Orchestration solutions for deploying Application Delivery Controller (ADC) platform services. We will begin with explaining how F5 approached Management solutions and... Read more
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Today F5 is announcing a new F5® BIG-IQ™ 4.5. This release includes a new BIG-IQ component – BIG-IQ ADC. Version 4.5 isn't just another dot release. IMHO, this release should have been numbered 5.0. With this release, BIG-IQ is finally... Read more
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Size doesn’t matter: Australian businesses not spared immunity from cyber attacks

We have all heard or read about, at least one cyber attack that has taken place in the last three months. Most recently in August, we witnessed the widely reported nude celebrity photo leak that not only raised concerns for privacy, but also the... Read more
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Giving security more context

It’s that time of year again. As we head towards Christmas our minds drift towards what we’re going to be buying for our loved ones. This time of year is traditionally a big one for sales of gadgets: mobile phones, PCs, laptops and, more recently,... Read more
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The Top Ten Hardcore F5 Security Features in BIG-IP 11.6

There are 32 main features in the 11.6 release of the BIG-IP family of products and 29 of those are security features. That’s right; 91% of the features in the 11.6 release are security-related. Many of them are hardcore, infrastructure doodads... Read more
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F5 Friday: BIG DDoS Umbrella powered by the HP VAN SDN Controller

#SDN #DDoS #infosec Integration and collaboration is the secret sauce to breaking down barriers between security and networking  Most of the focus of SDN apps has been, to date, on taking layer 4-7 services and making them into extensions... Read more
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실제 DDoS 스토리들: SSL 커넥션 플러드

Adapted from David Holmes' "True DDoS Stories: SSL Connection Flood" 서버에서의 SSL 터미네이션 어떤 유명기업의 중요 사이트가 매우 심각한 DDoS 공격을 받아 수 주 동안 다운되는 사태가 발생했는데, 아래 그림은 그 기업의 네트워크 레이아웃을 나타낸 것이다. 경쟁업체들과는 다르게 이 기업은 SSL 트래픽이 그대로 데이터센터 내부에까지 도달해,... Read more
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Monitoring BIG-IP on Microsoft’s System Center with the Comtrade Management Pack for F5 BIG-IQ

Comtrade has released a Management Pack (MP) for Microsoft Systems Center (SCOM ) that uses F5’s BIG-IQ to monitor F5 BIG-IP devices and the applications they are helping deliver. The MP allows users to view all BIG-IP objects and see key... Read more
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Continuing the DDoS Arms Race

Steps you should be taking to improve your security posture against DDoS attacks. Read more
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Is your organisation a tempting target for DDOS?

PSN and similar services have huge customer bases and, due to their global nature, have a need to be available 24/7. This makes them very tempting targets for entities looking to create highly visible disruption or to steal large numbers of... Read more
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Hourly Licensing Model – F5 delivers in AWS Marketplace

#cloud #SDAS #AWS And you can try it out for free...  June 30, 2014 (The Internet) Today F5 Networks, which delivers solutions for an application world, announced it had completed jumping through the hoops necessary to offer an hourly... Read more
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