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1024 Words: IT Syzygy

#SDN #DevOps #Agile A syzygy is an astronomical term that describes the alignment of three celestial bodies within a gravitational system. The alignment of three celestial bodies (app dev, ops, the network) within a gravitational system (IT). ... Read more
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Devops Proverb: Process Practice Makes Perfect

#devops Tools for automating – and optimizing – processes are a must-have for enabling continuous delivery of application deployments Some idioms are cross-cultural and cross-temporal. They transcend cultures and time, remaining relevant no... Read more
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Devops is a Verb

#devops Devops is not something you build, it’s something you do Operations is increasingly responsible for deploying and managing applications within this architecture, requiring traditionally developer-oriented skills like integration,... Read more
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Six Lines of Code

The fallacy of security is that simplicity or availability of the solution has anything to do with time to resolution The announcement of the discovery of a way in which an old vulnerability might be exploited gained a lot of attention because... Read more
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Infrastructure 2.0: Aligning the network with the business (and the rest of IT)

When SOA was the hot topic of the day (not that long ago) everyone was pumped up about the ability finally align IT with the business. Reusability, agility, and risk mitigation were benefits that would enable the business itself to be more agile... Read more
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How AJAX can make a more agile enterprise

In general, we talk a lot about the benefits of SOA in terms of agility, aligning IT with the business, and risk mitigation. Then we talk about WOA (web oriented architecture) separately from SOA (service oriented architecture) but go on to... Read more
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