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F5 Agility is coming to Boston, MA this August!

The DevCentral team will be at F5’s largest user conference to date! Will you? Now's the time to register for F5 Agility 2018 in Boston, MA August 13-16. Early Bird registration knocks $300 off your registration fee!   What's F5... Read more
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The DevCentral Chronicles Volume 1, Issue 2

If you missed our initial issue of the DC Chronicles, check it out here. The Chronicles are intended to keep you updated on DevCentral happenings and highlight some of the cool articles you may have missed over the last month. Welcome. First up,... Read more
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F5 Agility Chicago 2017 Is Just Around The Corner!

Join the DevCentral team at F5 Agility 2017 July 31st through August 3rd in Chicago, IL. Read more
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DevCentral at Agility 2016 - The Preview Video

Now that I'm part of the DevCentral team, I give a preview of the DevCentral activities for F5's Agility 2016 event, May 17-18, in Vienna Austria. ps Read more
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Agility Australia set for success

With less than 24 hours to go before we officially kick-start Agility Australia in Melbourne, preparations are fast under way to ensure this year is its most successful year to date. Agility Australia is the local version of F5 Agility, which is... Read more
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That's a Wrap from #F5Agility15

Our video partners at cloud-channel.tv, put together a nice wrap up #F5Agility15 from Washington DC. Special thanks to F5’s Manny Rivelo, Ken Salchow, Joe Pruitt and Tony Hynes along with VMware’s Jared Cook. Also want to thank the F5 Studio and ... Read more
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F5 DevCentral Solves Your BIG-IP Questions

In this lively chat at #F5Agility15, DevCentral members Joe Pruitt and Tony Hynes share a little history of how it has grown from a single server in 2003 to over 200,000 members today; how iRules, iControl, iCall and iControl interact wit... Read more
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Software Defined Data Center Made Easy with F5 and VMware

Jared Cook, VMware’s Lead Strategic Architect, Office of the CTO, visits #F5Agility15 and shares how F5 and VMware solutions can be used together in an orchestrated fashion to enable customers to spin up applications on-demand, and provision F... Read more
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Get F5 Certified at F5 Agility 2015

Ken Salchow, Sr. Mgr, Professional Certification, talks about F5’s Professional Certification Program from #F5Agility15. He gives us a little history behind the program, the types of exams and certifications available, the process of takin... Read more
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Innovate, Expand, Deliver with F5 CEO Manny Rivelo

F5 President & CEO, Manny Rivelo, shares his vision of Innovate, Expand, Deliver at #F5Agility15. Always insightful, Manny discusses his new role as CEO, what hybrid application services means to organizations, how F5 has evolved from just ... Read more
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Welcome to F5 Agility 2015

#F5Agility15 registration is open! I show you where to get registered and get your badge along with where many of the breakout sessions are occurring. He gives a quick preview of the theme – Innovate, Expand, Deliver along with a sneak pee... Read more
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F5Agility15 - The Preview Video

I preview the F5 Agility 2015 conference happening August 4-6 at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in National Harbor, MD. Agility 2015 will lay the foundation for your business to innovate new paths to success, expand throug... Read more
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F5 Agility EMEA 2015 - The Preview Video

i preview the EMEA F5 Agility 2015 conference happening May 20-21 at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC) in Edinburgh, Scotland. Agility 2015 will lay the foundation for your business to innovate new paths to success, expand... Read more
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Don’t believe a word I say about Cloud – listen to my customer!

Everbridge is a critical communications platform provider - that’s what it says on their website. What their website won’t tell you is that the Everbridge IT team are a collective of experts when it comes to consuming cloud-based services, and... Read more
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DevOps: Where's Your Back Button?

#devops There is no back button on deployment. But there can be. It was nearly 10pm on a Saturday night. A handful of architects and developers sat around a cube, munching on cold pizza and chatting while waiting for the phone call that would... Read more
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Programmability in the Network: Versioning Patterns

#devops API and application versioning becomes a requirement when dev is agile. Agile development methodologies advocate a rapid release cycle. Facebook, for example, noted last year that it pushes code live twice a day. Organizations may neve... Read more
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Programmability in the Network: Blue-Green Deployment Pattern

#gluecon #devops Intelligent handling of requests whether for testing or migration or upgrades requires programmability in the network. Cory von Wallenstein, CTO of Dyn Inc, gave a great presentation at Glue 2013 on upgrading infrastructure. I... Read more
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Configure. Test. Deploy. Rinse. Repeat.

#devops At the heart of automation is a simple Aristotelian premise: we are what we repeatedly do. Don and I have four children, all of whom have had the fortune to take piano lessons (I'm not sure if the youngest would agree he's... Read more
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The Long and the Short of Agile IT

#OpenStack #Cloud #devops It's not just about operations, it's also about IT as a whole A Forrester Infrastructure and Operations analyst, Dave Bartoletti, offered up his thoughts on OpenStack in a recent blog, "OPENSTACK SUMMI... Read more
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F5 Friday: You’ll Catch More Bees with Honey(pots)

Catching bees with honey(pots) means they’re preoccupied with something other than stinging you. Pop quiz time…pencils ready? Go. Is it good or bad to block malicious requests? If your answer was “that depends on a lot of different factors” then... Read more
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Cloud + BPM = Business Process Scalability

Cloud is more likely to make an application deployment more – not less – complex, but the benefits are ultimately worth it. I was a bit disconcerted by the notion put forward that cloud-based applications are somehow less complex than their... Read more
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The Battle of Economy of Scale versus Control and Flexibility

When strategies are formed it quickly becomes obvious that cloud computing is more about balance than anything else. At a time when you’d think cloud computing would be the primary “go to” strategy for managing scale and rapid growth multiple... Read more
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The Cloudy Enterprise: Hours More Important Than Dollars

My mother’s latest project is projected to be over-budget. Thanks to a change in the way projects are allocated she now has X dollars instead of Y hours. Her project needed 50,000 “IT” hours (yes, she actually did the quote thing with her finger... Read more
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Knowing is Half the Battle

There’s a difference between automation and orchestration, and knowing which one you’re really doing is half the battle in achieving a truly dynamic data center. Randy Heffner on CIO.Com wrote an excellent article on SOA and its value, “SOA:... Read more
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Dynamic Infrastructure Makes Static Connection Limitations Obsolete

One of the benefits of Infrastructure 2.0 is connectedness: the ability to collect and share pertinent data regarding the health and performance of applications and infrastructure services. Based on that data a dynamic infrastructure can adapt... Read more
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