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Dridex Malware – New Week, New Targets

Our ongoing campaign analysis has revealed that Dridex malware’s latest campaign focus has strongly shifted in recent months from U.K. banks, which had been the main targets previously, to US banks today. Dridex and its latest trends are... Read more
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Gootkit Malware, New Targets around the World

During the last campaign of Gootkit malware, detected by F5 in February 2016, new targets were spotted while analyzing its configuration. Gootkit, identified in some cases as Waldek, is a banking Trojan that was first seen in the wild around... Read more
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Dyre - No Rest for the Wicked

Dyre malware requires little introduction as it had been the focus of many publications and it is a well-known threat in the financial malware world. One of the reasons for it being so infamous is the frequent changes the authors incorporate in... Read more
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Slave Malware Analysis

During the last couple of weeks, Nathan Jester, Elman Reyes, Julia Karpin and Pavel Asinovsky got together to investigate the new “Slave” banking Trojan. According to their research, the early version of the Slave performed IBAN swapping in two... Read more
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Slave – IBAN swap, persistency and Zeus-style webinject

Slave is a financial malware written in visual basic. It was first seen around March 2015 and has undergone a significant evolution. Slave conducts its attack by hooking the Internet browser functions and manipulating their code for various... Read more
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Anti-Fraud Protection: Filling Security Gaps for Online Banking

This year at RSA we experienced a new level of conversation about online threats. Anti-fraud protection was the topic for many guests stopping by the booth following the announcement of F5’s solutions for web fraud protection. Booth visitors... Read more
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F5 Anti-Fraud Solutions: Frictionless Protection for the Masses

Anti-Fraud Solutions: Why F5? In 2013, F5 Networks grew its security portfolio to include advanced Anti-Fraud services with the acquisition of the Israeli-based security company Versafe. At the RSA Conference in San Francisco this week, we have a... Read more
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RSA 2014: Anti-Fraud Solution (feat DiMinico)

I meet with Mark DiMinico, F5 FSE, to see how F5’s new Anti-Fraud solution works. Mark shows how F5’s advanced fraud protection offers real-time security against multiple fraud threat vectors, preventing attackers from spoofing, disabling, or... Read more
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