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This is a localised version of the original article here. 當瀏覽器出現一個掛鎖圖像時,我們很自然的會假設該網站正使用SSL以確保我們的通訊安全。它同時也告知消費者該網站是安全的。根據CA Security Council的2015消費者信任調查,只有3%消費者會將他們的信用卡資訊提供給沒有掛鎖圖像的網站。   此種安全印象的影響性並不局限於消費者。F5最新的應用交付現狀調查報告顯示,已經或有計畫建置"SSL... Read more
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DNS Protection and Performance, Have Both!

There has never been a better time to cripple the Internet by exploiting the vulnerabilities of DNS systems. The proliferation of mobile devices coupled with vulnerabilities of open source DNS systems is keeping a lot of organizations awake at... Read more
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Tackling Cyber Attacks From Within

An increasing number of organizations face serious security threats that are socially, politically and economically motivated. Conventional firewalls are no longer enough to prevent complex and frequent cyber attacks such as multi-layer... Read more
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APAC market research points to WAF being integrated with application delivery

We entered 2014 on a fillip. Frost & Sullivan had just named us the vendor leading WAF market in Asia Pacific and Japan. The Frost Industry Quotient, put F5 and nine other companies under their analytical magnifying glass, examining our mark... Read more
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