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Whiteboard Wednesday: Basic F5 BIG-IP Nomenclature

Jason and John discuss the basic nomenclature of F5 BIG-IP objects, starting with interfaces and vlans and climbing up the stack to the foundational traffic cop, the object of all objects: the virtual server. Read more
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F5 Synthesis: Your gateway to the future (of HTTP)

#SDAS #HTTP #webperf #SSL De facto standards can be as difficult to transition off of as official ones If you haven't heard about HTTP 2.0 it's time to start paying attention. It is anticipated that in November the latest version of the... Read more
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Why think about HTTP 2.0?

#webperf #HTTP #mobile The problem with web application performance is directly related to the increasing page size and number of objects comprising pages today. Increasing corporate bandwidth (the pipe between the Internet and the organization)... Read more
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A Tale of Testing, SPDY, browsers and the other F5.

You shouldn't be surprised to learn that when we create Reference Architectures we actually test them. The settings you find in the Configuration Best Practice Guides have been created, tested and documented pretty carefully to work... Read more
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Web Accelerator / AAM – fonctionnalité Multi-Connect

Faisant suite à la vidéo de découverte du module WA / AAM (https://devcentral.f5.com/articles/dcouverte-de-web-accelerator-aam-7341), voici une vidéo présentant la fonctionnalité Multi-Connect. Il faut savoir qu’un... Read more
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Web Accelerator / AAM – fonctionnalité IBR

Faisant suite à la vidéo de découverte du module WA / AAM (https://devcentral.f5.com/articles/dcouverte-de-web-accelerator-aam-7341), voici une vidéo présentant l’une des principales fonctionnalités du module WA /... Read more
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Découverte de Web Accelerator / AAM

Web Accelerator, renommé AAM à partir de la release 11.4, est un module malheureusement peu connu de nos clients et partenaires. Pourtant, celui-ci a de quoi séduire. Son rôle est simple, c’est une “Reverse Proxy Cache &... Read more
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Caching, CDNs and Optimization: a bit like a trip to the store.

We know that people like fast websites. So how do you speed yours up? Recently I’ve been having conversations with customers and my colleagues in the field about caching appliances, content delivery networks (CDNs), and web application... Read more
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Hourly Licensing Model – F5 delivers in AWS Marketplace

#cloud #SDAS #AWS And you can try it out for free...  June 30, 2014 (The Internet) Today F5 Networks, which delivers solutions for an application world, announced it had completed jumping through the hoops necessary to offer an hourly... Read more
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Velocity 2014 – That’s a Wrap!

I wrap it up from Velocity Conference 2014. Special thanks to Dawn Parzych, Robert Haynes, Cyrus Rafii and John Giacomoni for joining us on camera along with Robert, Courtney, and Natasha behind the lens. Also learn what the top questions were... Read more
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Velocity 2014 – BIG-IP Image Optimization (feat Parzych)

Dawn Parzych, F5 Sr. Product Manager, returns to demo BIG-IP’s Image Optimization solution. Web images can consume up to 60% of a site load and BIG-IP can significantly reduce the image file size and deliver those pictures much faster to the... Read more
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Velocity 2014 – HTTP 2.0 Gateway (feat Parzych)

Dawn Parzych, F5 Sr. Product Manager, talks about the benefits of HTTP 2.0 and shows us a demo of 170 pictures appearing instantly while using the BIG-IP HTTP 2.0 profile. Interesting conversation about web pages loads, the chattiness of the HTTP... Read more
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Velocity 2014 - Acceleration Reference Architecture (feat Haynes)

Robert Haynes, F5 Marketing Services Architect, gives us a preview of the new Acceleration Reference Architecture and shares 3 simple ways you can optimize your application traffic with BIG-IP. Learn more at Synthesis.f5.com ps Related Velocity... Read more
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Top5 06/23/2014

Every day that I get to write a Top5 post feels like an auspicious day, as it is rather one of my favorite things to write, I must admit. This is partly because I get to dig into all the cool stuff that everyone else has been up to and posting... Read more
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