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Advanced Load Balancing For Developers. The Network Dev Tool

It has been a while since I wrote an installment of Load Balancing for Developers, and now I think it has been too long, but never fear, this is the grad-daddy of Load Balancing for Developers blogs, covering a useful bit of information about... Read more
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Making Chili and Managing Network Resources.

#f5 There’s a new brand of Chili in town. I don’t usually talk a lot about F5 specific solutions, but since we’re the only ones doing this (so far), the contents of this blog are F5 specific. Though this needs to be industry standard. So, you’re... Read more
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Once Again, it Really IS About the Applications.

(Booming voiceover voice); Are you running the same tired old network tools? Does your network staff have to administer security and load balancing for each and every application? Do you find application analysts and owners show a growin... Read more
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Sometimes, If IT Isn’t Broken, It Still Needs Fixing.

In our first house, we had a set of stairs that were horrible. They were unfinished, narrow, and steep. Lori went down them once with a vacuum cleaner, they were just not what we wanted in the house. They came out into the kitchen, so you wer... Read more
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From Peeling the Onion to Dicing it: Welcome to the ABLE Network

In case you missed it, F5 released version 11 of TMOS this week, and working up some collateral for the release, I had an interesting epiphany. High availability, highly adaptable networks are about to change. Again. There has been a steady... Read more
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Is it time for a new Enterprise Architect?

After a short break to get some major dental rework done, I return to you with my new, sore mouth for a round of “Maybe we should have…” discussions. In the nineties and early 21st century, positions were created in may organizations with titles... Read more
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Gotta Catch Em All. Multiple bottlenecks are a part of the IT lifestyle

My older children, like most kids in their age group, all played with or collected Pokemon cards. Just like I and all of my friends had GI Joes and discussed the strengths and weaknesses of Kung-fu grip versus hard hands, they and all of thei... Read more
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Does Your Infrastructure Have An Air-Filled Lego Man?

In a couple of unrelated bouts of cleaning – one to show The Toddler my Boy Scout sash, which required going through boxes in the basement until I found it, and the other attempting to dig a toy out from under the stove, which required pulling the... Read more
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Is That An ACK In Your Packet, Or Are You Just Glad To See Me?

Every once in a while, I like to step back a bit and write for those who haven’t been in the field for a zillion years. For starters, it helps refresh the pool of information out there for people trying to research something they haven’t don... Read more
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Despite Rumors to the Contrary F5 Remains In the Lead

We interrupt your regularly scheduled dose of geek for a brief but important message Every year a variety of application delivery vendors sit around, wringing their hands, waiting for Gartner to release its latest Magic Quadrant for Application... Read more
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Advanced Load Balancers for Developers: ADCs - The Code

For me, as a developer, the big differentiator between a Load Balancer and an Application Delivery Controller (ADC) is the ability to use code to help manage how my application and the network interact. Some things you just can’t do from your... Read more
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Advanced Load Balancing for Developers – ADCs, What’s the Difference?

So a while back I covered Load Balancing for Developers, trying to help developers  who don’t yet have exposure to load balancing to understand the when/where/how of load balancing.  I took a bit of a break to do some BIG-IP/TMOS V.10... Read more
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v.10 - New iControl Interfaces.

For those who missed it, we’re in the middle of the IT Revolution lead by our v.10 release of TMOS and our new 8900 model. Due to all the great stuff to talk about in the new version of TMOS, I have put off the Load Balancing for Developers and... Read more
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Intro to Load Balancing for Developers – The Algorithms

If you’re new to this series, you can find the complete list of articles in the series on my personal page hereIf you are writing applications to sit behind a Load Balancer, it behooves you to at least have a clue what the algorithm your... Read more
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How to recoup the costs associated with long URLs and variable names

Long URLs and variable names increase transfer size which wastes bandwidth and money o3 magazine has a great article on the impact of long URLs on bandwidth; specifically on how much bandwidth is wasted by excessively long URLs and variable names... Read more
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Intro Load Balancing for Developers – the Architect’s View

Okay, there are a zillion bits about load balancing including introductions and articles for developers, but I’m throwing this out in a blog format so we can be more chatty and less “instructional”. To that end, I’ll be a lot more laid back than... Read more
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Cloud Computing and Infrastructure 2.0

Not every infrastructure vendor needs new capabilities to support cloud computing and infrastructure 2.0.  Greg Ness of Infoblox has an excellent article on "The Next Tech Boom: Infrastructure 2.0" that is showing up everywhere.... Read more
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The Concise Guide to Proxies

We often mention that the benefits derived from some application delivery controllers are due to the nature of being a full proxy. And in the same breath we might mention reverse, half, and forward proxies, which makes the technology sound more... Read more
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An interesting thing happened on the way to the magic quadrant...

Gartner has released its much anticipated (well, much anticipated if you're in the application delivery controller space) 2008 Application Delivery Controller Magic Quadrant.  The interesting thing that happened is that for the first... Read more
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6 Reasons You Need an Application Delivery Controller Now

Application delivery controllers, and load balancing in general, are often seen as solutions waiting for a problem to solve. We know what those problems are, but until we experience them we often don't feel a sense of urgency in acquiring and... Read more
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What Dungeons & Dragons and Application Delivery Have in Common

Yes, I've got gaming on the brain after this month's release of the latest edition of D&D and a weekend with friends "geeking" out with polyhedral dice and imaginary monsters. You might recall that Don stood in line at... Read more
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Some requests are more equal than others

This is an interesting little article on load balancing that's very close and yet very far from being completely accurate in today's world. Overall the author does a good job of hitting upon the basic concepts of load balancing, why... Read more
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