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F5 Friday: ADN = SDN at Layer 4-7

The benefits of #SDN have long been realized from #ADN architectures   There are, according to ONF, three core characteristics of SDN: “In the SDN architecture, the control and data planes are decoupled, network intelligence and state... Read more
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F5 Friday: Avoiding the Operational Debt of Cloud

#F5CLP F5 Cloud Licensing Program enables #cloud providers to differentiate and accelerate advanced infrastructure service offerings while reducing operational debt for the enterprise If you ask three different people why they are adopting... Read more
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F5 Friday: In the NOC at Interop

#interop #fasterapp #adcfw #ipv6 Behind the scenes in the Interop network Interop Las Vegas expects somewhere in the realm of 10,000 attendees this year. Most of them will no doubt be carrying smart phones, many tablets, and of course the old... Read more
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At the Intersection of Cloud and Control…

Arises the fourth data center architecture tier – application delivery. The battle of efficiency versus economy continues in the division of the cloud market between public and private environments. Public cloud proponents argue, correctly,... Read more
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HTTP Now Serving … Everything

You can’t assume anything about an application’s performance and delivery needs based on the fact that it rides on HTTP. I read an interesting article during my daily perusal of most of the Internet (I’ve had to cut back because the Internet... Read more
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A Hardware Platform and a Virtual Appliance Walk into a Bar at Interop…

Invariably when new technology is introduced it causes an upheaval. When that technology has the power to change the way in which we architect networks and application infrastructure, it can be disruptive but beneficial. When that technology... Read more
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How To Use CoralCDN On-Demand to Keep Your Site Available. For Free.

Cloud computing and content delivery networks (CDN) are both good ways to assist in improving capacity in the face of sudden, high demand for specific content but require preparation and incur operational and often capital expenditures. How about... Read more
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Paradox: When Cloud Is Both the Wrong and the Right Solution

Cloud offers an appealing “pay only for what you use” that makes it hard to resist. Paying on a per-usage hour basis sounds like a good deal, until you realize that your site is pretty much “always on” because of bots, miscreants, and users. In... Read more
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If Load Balancers Are Dead Why Do We Keep Talking About Them?

Commoditized from solution to feature, from feature to function, load balancing is no longer a solution but rather a function of more advanced solutions that’s still an integral component for highly-available, fault-tolerant applications. ... Read more
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Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Makes Internal Cloud bursting Reality

How to leverage a “private virtual cloud” such as Amazon VPC with your own dynamic infrastructure A couple of blog posts on Amazon’s recent announcement of its VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) have made much of the fact that the resources... Read more
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The network ain’t big enough for the both of us

There is a tendency to describe every device on a network as simply “the network” regardless of whether that device is dedicated to security, or application delivery (layer 4-7), or actual network (layer 2-3) functionality. It’s an artifact of... Read more
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v.10: WebAccelerator Enhancements

The BIG-IP WebAccelerator joins ranks with the Local Traffic Manager and the Global Traffic Manager as modules that received some major upgrades with version 10.  Not familiar with the WebAccelerator?  Affectionately called WA in these... Read more
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Do you control your application network stack? You should.

Owning the stack is important to security, but it’s also integral to a lot of other application delivery functions. And in some cases, it’s downright necessary. Hoff rants with his usual finesse in a recent posting with which I could not agree... Read more
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Building an elastic environment requires elastic infrastructure

One of the reasons behind some folks pushing for infrastructure as virtual appliances is the on-demand nature of a virtualized environment. When network and application delivery infrastructure hits capacity in terms of throughput - regardless of... Read more
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Can the future of application delivery networks be found in neural network theory?

I spent a big chunk of time a few nights ago discussing neural networks with my oldest son over IM. It's been a long time since I've had reason to dig into anything really related to AI (artificial intelligence) and at first I was thinking... Read more
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Building a Cloudbursting Capable Infrastructure

Reuven Cohen of the Elastic Vapor blog, in this article, puts forth the notion that infrastructure is required to enable cloudbursting and then asks an excellent question: To truly enable a ... Read more
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Why Vulnerabilities Go Unpatched

The good folks at Verizon Business who recently released their 2008 Data Breach Investigations Report sounded almost surprised by the discovery that "Intrusion attempts targeted the application layer more than the operating system and less... Read more
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6 Reasons You Need an Application Delivery Controller Now

Application delivery controllers, and load balancing in general, are often seen as solutions waiting for a problem to solve. We know what those problems are, but until we experience them we often don't feel a sense of urgency in acquiring and... Read more
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If You Have to Ask What the Big(O) Is You've Never ... Calculated It

I recently made a passing remark about the value of being able to write the code for a linked list. The night before Don and I had been arguing with our oldest son about whether he should be using a stack or a linked list to implement a Java... Read more
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Silos belong on farms, not in IT

The role of "application delivery expert" is really coming into its own of late, along with the understanding that the traditional siloed approach to management of applications in IT no longer makes sense. TechTarget :: How networking... Read more
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Web 2.0 Expo Wrap-up: Note to Self

When explaining the benefits of an Application Delivery Network (ADN) it's a good idea to explain what it is first. Really. Like many people with deep knowledge of a particular subject, I sometimes forget that not everyone shares... Read more
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Wanted: Application Delivery Network Experts

On the heels of seeing a job posting for an Application Delivery Support Analyst this ComputerWorld article lists "Application Delivery" as #5 of the top 10 IT skills needed today. Unlike the job posting, this article actually seems to... Read more
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What a Tangled Web We Weave

By deploying multiple point solutions when one would suffice I know it doesn't rhyme but honestly, between the number of words that rhyme with "weave" and the meter it was nearly impossible for my sleep deprived brain... Read more
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You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. Integration isn't a four letter word, but for many hapless IT folks stuck with the chore of integrating applications, it probably should be. SOA promised to... Read more
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