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Velocity 2014 – HTTP 2.0 Gateway (feat Parzych)

Dawn Parzych, F5 Sr. Product Manager, talks about the benefits of HTTP 2.0 and shows us a demo of 170 pictures appearing instantly while using the BIG-IP HTTP 2.0 profile. Interesting conversation about web pages loads, the chattiness of the HTTP... Read more
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Performance versus Presentation

#webperf #ado You remember the service, not the plating (unless you're a foodie) One morning, while reading the Internet (yes, the entire Internet), I happened upon a rather snarky (and yes, I liked the tone and appreciated the honesty) blog... Read more
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Bare Metal Blog: Testing for Numbers or Performance?

#BareMetalBlog What you test can say a lot about you #f5 Along the lines of the first blog in the testing portion of the Bare Metal Blog series, I’d like to talk a bit more about how the testing environment, the device configuration, and th... Read more
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Of Escalators and Network Traffic

Escalators are an interesting first world phenomenon. While not strictly necessary anywhere, they still turn up all over in most first-world countries. The key to their popularity is, no doubt, the fact that they move traffic much more quickly... Read more
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The BYOD That is Real.

Not too long ago I wrote about VDI and BYOD, and how their hype cycles were impacting IT. In that article I was pretty dismissive of the corporate-wide democratization of IT through BYOD, and I stand by that. Internally, it is just not a realistic... Read more
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Random Acts of Optimization.

When I first embarked on my application development career, I was a code optimization junky. Really, making things faster, more efficient, the tightest it could get was a big deal to me. That routine you wrote to solve a one-off problem often... Read more
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There is more to it than performance.

Did you ever notice that sometimes, “high efficiency” furnaces aren’t? That some things the furnace just doesn’t cover – like the quality of your ductwork, for example? The same is true of a “high performance” race car. Yes, it is VERY fast,... Read more
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F5 Friday. Speedy SPDY

#ADO, #Stirling, #fasterapp a SPDY implementation that is as fast and adaptable as needed. **I originally wrote this more than a month ago… Coworkers have covered this topic extensively, but thought I’d still get it posted for those who read my... Read more
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New Communications = Multiplexification

I wrote a good while back about the need to translate all the various storage protocols into one that could take root and simplify the lives of IT. None of the ones currently being hawked seem to be making huge inroads in the datacenter, all have... Read more
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