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Does Cloud Solve or Increase the 'Four Pillars' Problem?

It has long been said – often by this author – that there are four pillars to application performance: Memory CPU Network Storage As soon as you resolve one in response to application response times, another becomes the bottleneck, even if you... Read more
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Predicting The Future, or Counting on Code-based Security

There are some topics that warrant the occasional revisit as time goes on, and application security is certainly one of those. As long as we have applications being developed and deployed, it seems we will have bad guys looking to exploit them.... Read more
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Load Balancers for Developers – ADCs Wan Optimization Functionality

It’s been a good long while since I wrote an installment of Load Balancing for Developers, but you all keep reading them, and they are still my most read blog posts on a monthly basis, so since I have an increased interest in WAN Optimization, and... Read more
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Devs, Let’s Log Intelligently. Or A Day At the Little Gym

Devs, Let’s Log Intelligently. Or A Day At the Little Gym Read more
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Multi-core Redux: Virtually Indistinguishable

There is an excellent article over on SD Times about multi-core programming and virtualization that delves into the approaches that application developers can consider to take advantage of multiple core CPUs.  For those that missed it, I... Read more
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Multi-Core III - a panacea of options

I find it amazing how many ways we can find to slice a pizza, skin a cat, or solve a technology problem. Truly amazing. Thus far in my multi-core odyssey, I have run into driver-based solutions, library-based solutions, and shim-based solutions to... Read more
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Why can't clouds be inside (the data center)?

Ken Oestreich of the Fountainhead blog has an interesting take on cloud computing. Ken cites many examples of cloud computing experts who essentially claim that cloud computing cannot be done "inside" the data center. Then he postulates... Read more
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Web 2.0 Expo: Enterprise Mashup Session

John Musser, from ProgrammableWeb.com, just gave an interesting session on enterprise mashups. ProgrammableWeb is an API/mashup aggregation site that tracks open APIs and mashups from around the web for use in both personal and enterprise... Read more
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Web 2.0? Or Web 2.0?

As you've no doubt noticed, there is a bit of duplicate name confusion in the Web 2.0 world. Developers say "Web 2.0" and they mean SOA, dynamic binding, etc. When business people say "Web 2.0" they mean blogs, video, RSS... Read more
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