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How to secure virtualized applications against the unknown

Risks with virtualization is same as it ever was but different Hoff makes a good point about cloud security last month in his “The Cloud is a Fickle Mistress: DDoS&M” which was, if I may quote, “it’s the oldies and goodies that will come back... Read more
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3 reasons you need a WAF even if your code is (you think) secure

Everyone is buzzing and tweeting about the SANS Institute CWE/SANS Top 25 Most Dangerous Programming Errors, many heralding its release as the dawning of a new age in secure software. Indeed, it's already changing purchasing requirements.... Read more
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8 things you can do with a proxy

After having recently discussed all the different kinds of proxies that exist, it occurred to me that it might be nice to provide some examples of what you can do with proxies besides the obvious web filtering scenario. This is by no means an... Read more
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Good News is Never Welcome In Your Inbox

One of Dre's reasons (#7 to be exact) to wait on Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) involves the use of WAFs at notable sites that have been breached. Dre says: 7. Every organization that has installed a blocking WAF has also been in the... Read more
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Application Security: Loose-Coupling for Legacy Apps

Last week we dove into the use of application delivery as a way to apply the SOA benefits of loose-coupling to "legacy" web applications. This week we'll dive into how to achieve similar benefits by applying loose-coupling to... Read more
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Better Performance Through Centralization of Security

How a WAF increases the performance of your application by offloading security One of the benefits of implementing a SOA is allegedly efficiency gains achieved through the reuse of common, shared code. If five applications implement the same... Read more
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