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Implementing ECC+PFS on LineRate (Part 1/3): Choosing ECC Curves and Preparing SSL Certificates

Getting Started with LineRate In order to appreciate the advantages of SSL/TLS Offload available via LineRate as discussed in this article, let's take a closer look at how to configure SSL/TLS Offloading on a LineRate system. This example... Read more
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Implementing ECC+PFS on LineRate (Part 3/3): Confirming the Operation of SSL Offloading

Testing the Client-side SSL Confirming ECC PFS cryptography By browsing to https://ssloffload.lineratesystems.com, it is observed that the ECC secp384r1 curve is being used to secure the session. Figure 2 details the specific network... Read more
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Why ECC and PFS Matter: SSL offloading with LineRate

Why offload SSL/TLS from Application Servers? As more and more sensitive data traverses the Internet, it is important to secure this information. Per RFC 5246, securing network communications via SSL/TLS "allows client/server applications to... Read more
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Does Cloud Solve or Increase the 'Four Pillars' Problem?

It has long been said – often by this author – that there are four pillars to application performance: Memory CPU Network Storage As soon as you resolve one in response to application response times, another becomes the bottleneck, even if you... Read more
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Load Balancing For Developers: Security and TCP Optimizations

It has been a while since I wrote a Load Balancing for Developers installment, and since they’re pretty popular and there’s still a lot about Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) that are taken for granted in the Networking industry but... Read more
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Load Balancing For Developers: Improving Application Performance With ADCs

If you’ve never heard of my Load Balancing For Developers series, it’s a good idea to start here. There are quite a few installments behind us, and I’m not going to look back in this post any more than I must to make it readable without going... Read more
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Network Optimization Won’t Fix Application Performance in the Cloud

… where response time and speed are concerned, many businesses automatically assume Google.com- and Amazon.com-levels of performance from services such as Google App Engine and Amazon EC2, but this can be a mistake. -- ESJ, “Q&A: Manag... Read more
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The IT Optical Illusion

Everyone has likely seen the optical illusion of the vase in which, depending on your focus, you either see a vase or two faces. This particular optical illusion is probably the best allegorical image for IT and in particular cloud computing I ... Read more
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IT Myths and Legends: Sharing Servers

Sharing is core to a successful cloud implementation but not something every organization does well. How do you encourage business stakeholders to play well with others? In most definitions of “cloud computing” there lies a central, key... Read more
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Green IT: You don't have to sacrifice speed

The Green Tech Blog on CNET News postulates that the next green trend will be to s l o w down the innertubes, or more accurately, the flow of data. Now that slow down is apparently measured in terms of milliseconds, and is "not enough for Web... Read more
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Who Is at Fault for Poor Application Performance?

I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was going to blame you. When the issue of application performance rears its ugly head like some kind of ancient dragon hell-bent on destruction (yours) it is often the application developer that... Read more
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iRules: Adjusting AJAX-based Update Intervals in Real-Time

You've just deployed a Web 2.0 application that includes an AJAX-based real-time updating component. Maybe it's something like Twitter, or a stock chart, or sports scores. Whatever the content is, you've been hearing from users... Read more
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