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榮耀得獎 謙卑服務 - F5榮獲多項亞太獎賞

This bl;og post is adapted from the original post here.  最近,F5在亞太屢獲獎賞。四項大獎的獲得,明確證明了F5持續的市場與技術領導性。F5一直致力於提供全方位的客戶經驗,並且很榮幸的獲得許多業界專家與分析師對於我們的肯定。這些獎賞屬於亞太區每一位F5員工的榮耀。F5全心支持我們的夥伴成長,並且為客戶提供方案與服務,這些努力讓F5從平凡的廠商茁壯成為一個在企業混合環境為數千應用提供優化與安全的可信賴夥伴。 ... Read more
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F5 Agility 2015 EMEA – Innovate Expand Deliver with Manny Rivelo

Manny Rivelo, F5 EVP of Strategic Solutions and our soon-to-be CEO, shares his vision of Innovate Expand Deliver at F5 Agility 2015. He talks about what hybrid application services means to organizations, how F5 has evolved from just a load... Read more
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VMworld 2014 – Global Applications with vCloud Air (feat Church)

Bill Church, F5 SE Manager, gives us the low down on VMware’s vCloud Air, why organizations would use it along with the benefits, both for visitors and administrators, of globally distributed applications. This includes the ability to dynamically... Read more
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The Cloud is Still a Datacenter Somewhere

Application delivery is always evolving. Initially, applications were delivered out of a physical data center, either dedicated raised floor at the corporate headquarters or from some leased space rented from one of the web hosting vendors during... Read more
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The Applications of Our Lives

The Internet of Things will soon become The Internet of Nouns There are a few 'The ______ of Our Lives' out there: Days. Time. Moments. Love. They define who we are, where we've been and where we are going. And today, many of those... Read more
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Tech Fractals: Technology Trends and Integration

#IDAM #Cloud #SSO Patterns repeat. Anything else is irrational. First, the paragraph that spawned this post: The increasing use of cloud-based services is driving the need for better and more interactive single sign-on (SSO) and federated... Read more
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Programmability in the Network: Your Errors, Do not Show Them to Me

#devops Errors happen, but your users should never see them. Ever. Every once in a while things happen, like errors. They are as inevitable as winter in Wisconsin, rain in Seattle, and that today someone will post a picture of a cat that shows... Read more
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The Bifurcation of the Network: Flows versus Messages

#SDN The network is naturally stratified because flows are not messages, and vice versa.   Once the initial thrill of SDN abated to a dull roar, the issue of what to do about higher order services (layers 4-7) was raised. Thus far, we've... Read more
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Newton's First Law of Devops

#devops Deployment patterns enabling continuous delivery help align operations with development - and keep user frustration to a minimum One of the most difficult transitions for operations to make is the need to support releases more frequently.... Read more
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Programmability in the Network: Canary Deployments

#devops The canary deployment pattern is another means of enabling continuous delivery. Deployment patterns (or as I like to call them of late, devops patterns) are good examples of how devops can put into place systems and tools that enabl... Read more
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Corporate Mobile Data and BYOD Infographic(s)

Very busy week so I figured I'd re-source a couple of recent infographics that I found interesting and timely.  Courtesy: http://www.druva.com/blog/state-of-corporate-mobile-data   Courtesy... Read more
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Performance versus Presentation

#webperf #ado You remember the service, not the plating (unless you're a foodie) One morning, while reading the Internet (yes, the entire Internet), I happened upon a rather snarky (and yes, I liked the tone and appreciated the honesty) blog... Read more
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20,000 For Every 1

On average.  Earlier this month, the State of California released its first annual data breach report showing that in 2012, 131 data breaches were reported putting more than 2.5 million Californians personal data at risk.  The real... Read more
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DevOps: Where's Your Back Button?

#devops There is no back button on deployment. But there can be. It was nearly 10pm on a Saturday night. A handful of architects and developers sat around a cube, munching on cold pizza and chatting while waiting for the phone call that would... Read more
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BYOD 2.0 -- Moving Beyond MDM

#BYOD has quickly transformed IT, offering a revolutionary way to support the mobile workforce. The first wave of BYOD featured MDM solutions that controlled the entire device. In the next wave, BYOD 2.0, control applies only to those apps... Read more
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Tweaking Timeouts

#webperf #fast #mobile Alternative title: Stop Blaming the Network I have a weakness for a particular Android game that shall remain nameless (to protect the innocent, of course). It frequently complains that I have "a poor networ... Read more
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The First Six Remix

With 2013 cruising along and half the year in the rear view, I thought a rest stop with all the off-ramps thus far would catch you up on this road trip.  67 stops, 44 watchable. BYOD Behavior - Size Does Matter In 5 Minutes or Less - PCoIP... Read more
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Programmability in the Network: Versioning Patterns

#devops API and application versioning becomes a requirement when dev is agile. Agile development methodologies advocate a rapid release cycle. Facebook, for example, noted last year that it pushes code live twice a day. Organizations may neve... Read more
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In 5 Minutes or Less - PCoIP Proxy for VMware Horizon View

In this special Contestant Edition of In 5 Minutes or Less, I welcome Paul Pindell, F5 Solution Architect, to be the first contestant to see if he can beat the clock. Paul shows how to configure BIG-IP APM to natively support VMware's PCoIP... Read more
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The Bifurcation of the Network

#SDN #Cloud #Virtualization #devops Emerging technology is bifurcating not only operations, but the network itself  A funny thing happened on the way to the next generation data center architecture... the network split. Not jus... Read more
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Inside Look - PCoIP Proxy for VMware Horizon View

I sit down with F5 Solution Architect Paul Pindell to get an inside look at BIG-IP's native support for VMware's PCoIP protocol.  He reviews the architecture, business value and gives a great demo on how to configure BIG-IP. BIG-IP... Read more
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F5 Friday: Simple, Scalable and Secure PCoIP for VMware Horizon View

#virtualization Making #VDI fast, secure and available. Improving performance and scale is - or should be - a primary motivator for those deploying VDI as well as trying to manage the continued growth of BYOD. Forrester's David Johnso... Read more
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Is 2013 Half Empty or Half Full?

It certainly has been a wild ride thus far for 2013 as we head into the second half.  Breaches, hacks, exposures, leaks, along with things like BYOD and SDN should make the next 6 months interesting.  From the many headlines in 2012,... Read more
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F5 ADC is a Platform, not a Product

Before June 29th, 2007, if you asked someone what kind of phone they had they would likely have answered with a manufacturer's name or brand: Motorola, Blackberry, Nokia. In September 2008, Google unleashed Android on the world and everything... Read more
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Enterprise PaaS is about Operations

#PaaS #devops The notion that PaaS exists solely "in the cloud" as a discrete environment of developer services is hampering the maturation of enterprise PaaS The three most common answers to "give me an example of PaaS" are... Read more
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