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Automatically Update your BIG-IP Pool Using the Service Discovery iApp

Let’s look at how to automatically add members to your BIG-IP pool by using the Service Discovery iApp. Whenever you deploy a BIG-IP Virtual Edition by using one of the templates on the F5 Github site, this iApp is installed on the BIG-IP. The... Read more
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F5 DevCentral Solves Your BIG-IP Questions

In this lively chat at #F5Agility15, DevCentral members Joe Pruitt and Tony Hynes share a little history of how it has grown from a single server in 2003 to over 200,000 members today; how iRules, iControl, iCall and iControl interact wit... Read more
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Software Defined Data Center Made Easy with F5 and VMware

Jared Cook, VMware’s Lead Strategic Architect, Office of the CTO, visits #F5Agility15 and shares how F5 and VMware solutions can be used together in an orchestrated fashion to enable customers to spin up applications on-demand, and provision F... Read more
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ChefConf 2015 – Automate All Your Puns

#chefconf #f5 Chef turns infrastructure into code. It also gives the casual blog writer a terrible temptation to descend into pun-filled drivel. Which would be a shame as the ability to automate and operationalize our infrastructure has never... Read more
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The 2015 problem - Human Latency

What is human latency? No, I’m not referring to how quick you can pull a table cloth - something my mother insisted I stop trying, and failing miserably at, at a young age. In technology circles, human latency refers to the delays incurred when... Read more
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Please find the English language post, by Lori MacVittie, from which this was adapted here. 同一個工作,是否增加愈多的人手,便可做得更快呢?或許在數學的國度裡是這樣,但在真實世界中,那可不一定,甚至在某些狀況下,人手愈多,答案反而是否定的。 相信許多拜讀過《人月神話》(The Mythical Man-Month)一書的程式開發人員,對於該書主張的布魯克定律(Brook’s... Read more
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OpenStack Summit 2014 - Day 3

Atlanta, Georgia: home of the oldest portable steam engine in the United States, short-term residence of Blackbeard the pirate (seriously), and host of OpenStack Summit 2014. Ok, so Blackbeard didn’t actually ‘hang with his crew’ (see what I... Read more
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OpenStack Summit 2014 - Day 2

Atlanta, Georgia: neighbor to Gainsville where it’s illegal to eat chicken with a fork, where the official state fish is the largemouth bass, and home of the 2014 Openstack Summit. Day 2 was opened by Mark Collier, OpenStack Foundation COO, who... Read more
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OpenStack Summit 2014 – Day 1

Atlanta, Georgia: located near Stone Mountain, one of the largest single masses of exposed granite in the world, host to the International Poultry Trade Show, the largest poultry convention in the world, and home of the 2014 OpenStack Summit. ... Read more
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APIs and Programmability: Jailbreaking your network

#devops #SDN The importance of APIs and programmable data paths to the future of networking.   OpenStack. OpenDaylight. SDN. Cloud. It's all about abstraction, about APIs and "software-defined" (which really means... Read more
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Managing BIG-IP LTM with Puppet

Backstory   When it came time for Red Hat to replace our aging load balancers, we decided that we wanted to do more than simply replace the hardware. With our previous infrastructure, load balancers were managed by our networking team,... Read more
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Introducing a RESTful interface for iControl

SyntaxHighlighter.all(); iControl isn’t just SOAP anymore… No, iControl isn’t getting lazy.   While taking it easy is an important part of life, I’m talking about the other kind of REST.   REST, or “REpresentational Stat... Read more
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iCall - All New Event-Based Automation System

SyntaxHighlighter.all();The community has long requested the ability to affect change to the BIG-IP configuration by some external factor, be it iRules trigger, process or system failure event, or even monitor results. Well, rest easy folks, among... Read more
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These Are Not The Scrapes You're Looking For - Session Anomalies

In my first article in this series, I discussed web scraping -- what it is, why people do it, and why it could be harmful.  My second article outlined the details of bot detection and how the ASM blocks against these pesky littl... Read more
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SiteMinder and APM iApp from SecureAuth

I have finally gotten the iApp from SecureAuth up on DevCentral.  If you are curious it can be downloaded from here: ... Read more
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More Web Scraping - Bot Detection

In my last article, I discussed the issue of web scraping and why it could be a problem for many individuals and/or companies.  In this article, we will dive into some of the technical details regarding bots and how the BIG-IP Application... Read more
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Web Scraping - Data Collection or Illegal Activity?

Web Scraping Defined   We've all heard the term "web scraping" but what is this thing and why should we really care about it?  Web scraping refers to an application that is programmed to simulate human web surfing b... Read more
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The Devops Fallacy

#devops #cloud #SDN On that which is seen and that which is not seen ... When it comes to talking IT operations and financial considerations I tend to stay away from deep economic theories. I'm not Joe Weinman, after all. But I happened... Read more
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F5 Friday: Federating Application Network Services

It's time to get serious about managing hybrid #cloud We (as in the industry) talk a lot about federating cloud. Usually solutions for federating cloud (aka hybrid cloud) are presented from the perspective of the end-user. We want to make i... Read more
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Security Orchestration: Herding Digital Cats

NetCitadel's OneControl orchestration platform supports #devops for #infosec. Generally speaking when the topic of devops comes up security isn't something we mention. If we do it's in hushed tones, eyes darting back and forth, th... Read more
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Interactive iControl with bigsuds

A couple months back we released a new iControl library for python called bigsuds. The introductory article for bigsuds covered some differences/enhancements in syntax between it and pycontrol versions one and two. Last week, I received an updat... Read more
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Getting Started with Bigsuds–a New Python Library for iControl

I imagine the progression for you, the reader, will be something like this in the first six- or seven-hundred milliseconds after reading the title: Oh cool! Wait, what? Don’t we already have like two libraries for python? Really, a third library... Read more
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It's On: Stacks versus Flows

#OpenStack #CloudStack #OpenFlow #SDN It's a showdown of model versus control – or is it?   There's a lot of noise about "wars" in the networking world these days. OpenStack versus CloudStack versus OpenFlow-based... Read more
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That Other Single Point of Failure

When you’re a kid at the beach, you spend a lot of time and effort building a sand castle. It’s cool, a lot of fun, and doomed to destruction. When high tide, or random kids, or hot sun come along, the castle is going to fall apart. It doesn’t... Read more
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DevCentral Architecture

Everyone has surely (don’t call me Shirley!) at least been exposed to THE CLOUD by now.  Whether it’s the—I’ll go with interesting—“to the cloud!” commercials or down in the nuts and bolts of hypervisors and programmatic interfaces for... Read more
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