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一般企業向けのF5 DDoSリファレンス アーキテクチャ

今回投稿されたブログは、F5ネットワークスのテクノロジー・エバンジェリストであるDavid Holmesのブログ投稿「The F5 DDoS Reference Architecture - Enterprise Edition」を元に、日本向けに再構成したものです。 DDoSによる攻撃は依然として続いており、現在でもDDoS攻撃に対する防御は重要課題であり続けています。すでにこのDevCentralでは、グローバル金融機関向けのDDoSリファレンス... Read more
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F5 Predicts: Education gets personal

The topic of education is taking centre stage today like never before. I think we can all agree that education has come a long way from the days where students and teachers were confined to a classroom with a chalkboard. Technology now underpins... Read more
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مجموعة كانو توسّع وتطور خدمة العملاء بالاستفادة من تطبيقات وخدمات الأعمال

مجموعة كانو التي تعتبر إحدى أكبر اتحادات الشركات الرائدة على مستوى المنطقة تعزز وتنمي حلولها الأمنية الخاصة بتطبيقات وخدمات الأعمال في مراكز بياناتها المنتشرة في الإمارات العربية المتحدة ومملكة البحرين والمملكة العربية السعودية أعلنت... Read more
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VMware PEX 2015 – BIG-IP on vCloud Air

Matt Quill, F5 Business Development Manager, explains the collaboration with VMware and how F5 has certified three critical components of its industry-leading application services portfolio on vCloud Air, VMware’s hybrid cloud. We now offer LTM,... Read more
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Hourly Licensing Model – F5 delivers in AWS Marketplace

#cloud #SDAS #AWS And you can try it out for free...  June 30, 2014 (The Internet) Today F5 Networks, which delivers solutions for an application world, announced it had completed jumping through the hoops necessary to offer an hourly... Read more
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Know your cyber-attacker: profiling an attacker

I remember the days when hacking was something that people did because they could. It wasn’t quite done for fun, but people wanted to show off their computer skills. More often than not, hacking was harmless, someone broke into a system and left a... Read more
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In the Cloud, It's the Little Things That Get You. Here are nine of them.

#F5 Eight things you need to consider very carefully when moving apps to the cloud. Moving to a model that utilizes the cloud is a huge proposition. You can throw some applications out there without looking back – if they have no ties to the... Read more
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Remember When Hand Carts Were State Of The Art? Me either.

Funny thing about the advancement of technology, in most of the modern world we enshrine it, spend massive amounts of money to find “the next big thing”, and act as if change is not only inevitable, but rapid. The truth is that change i... Read more
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F5 Case Study: WhiteHat Security

Founder & CTO of WhiteHat Security, Jeremiah Grossman talks about the F5/WhiteHat partnership, the benefits of the WhiteHat Sentinel & BIG-IP ASM integration, the sophistication level of some of the recent attacks/breaches reported in the... Read more
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Changing the BIG-IP Default Syslog-NG Facilities

DevCentral community member geffr had a problem. The BIG-IP Application Security Manager module logs to the local3 facility but he needs to send them to the local7 facility on a remote server. Before giving up entirely, he posted to this thread in... Read more
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F5 Friday: Two Heads are Better Than One

Detecting attacks is good, being able to do something about it is better. F5 and Oracle take their collaborative relationship even further into the data center, integrating web application and database firewall solutions to improve protection... Read more
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F5 Friday: Is Your Infosec Motto ‘Compone Accomoda Supera’?

That’s “Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.” and it should be if it isn’t. The right tools can help you live up to that motto.  If you Google “Zeus Trojan” you’ll find a wealth of information. Unfortunately all that wealth appears to be draining... Read more
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The Security Question

We were sitting and chatting with a fellow geek last night, and he was describing a corporate network he is familiar with. The description was like a tale from the old show “The Twilight Zone”. If it was a security vulnerability, it was present... Read more
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