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F5 Predicts: Education gets personal

The topic of education is taking centre stage today like never before. I think we can all agree that education has come a long way from the days where students and teachers were confined to a classroom with a chalkboard. Technology now underpins... Read more
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F5 in AWS Part 1 - AWS Networking Basics

Learn how F5 leverages AWS networking to provide ADC and Security solutions in the cloud. Read more
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DNS based failover between AWS Availability Zones and Split DNS

Working in the AWS public cloud; one has to adapt to a world of guaranteed failure at unpredictable times. Utilizing a combination of LTM for HA within a single availability zone and GTM across availability zones and regions provides an architecture to survive the chaos monkeys. Read more
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IoT Effect on Applications

As more applications are needed to run those Things, traditional infrastructure concerns like scale and reliability will become paramount. Additional challenges with identity and access, improving the user experience, and the need for faster... Read more
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DevOps 101 - A Brief History Of Time

If you have anything to do with developing products or working in IT helping to deploy and run them, chances are you have heard the term "DevOps" in one form or another. Just like the ubiquitous "Cloud" floating out in the Internet somewhere, DevOps has become a catch-all phrase for anything that is Developer or Operations related. Read more
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Resiliency and Scalability of VMware App Volumes using F5's Local Traffic Manager (LTM)

Co-Authored by Dale Carter, Senior Solutions Architect - VMware Professional Services Engineering App Volumes, a result of VMware's recent acquisition of CloudVolumes, provides an alternative, just-in-time method for integrating and... Read more
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GartnerDC 2014 – Application Availability Between Hybrid Data Centers

I explain the idea behind Application Availability Between Hybrid Data Centers reference architecture. Driven by applications and workloads, a hybrid data center is really a technology strategy of the entire infrastructure mix of on-premises and... Read more
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Highly Available Hybrid

Achieving the ultimate ‘Five Nines’ of web site availability (around 5 minutes of downtime a year) has been a goal of many organizations since the beginning of the internet era. There are several ways to accomplish this but essentially a few... Read more
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F5 Device Package for Cisco APIC - leave no app behind!

We are in the age of the partnership. I don’t think any single vendor claims to be all to everyone’s requirements these days. Sure, sometimes vendors get a little caught up in their own worlds, instead of stepping back and looking at the bigge... Read more
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LineRate and Redis pub/sub

Using the pre-installed Redis server on LineRate proxy, we can use pub/sub to push new configuration options and modify the layer 7 data path in real time. Background Each LineRate proxy has multiple data forwarding path processors; each of these... Read more
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R-Evolution of the Service Provider Networks

There was a lot of buzz around several themes this week at the LTE World Summit event. In previous posts I mentioned virtualization through NFV, VoLTE, and LTE roaming as examples. All of these technologies and concepts are extending the function... Read more
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A Living Architecture

You often hear people say, 'oh, this is a living document,' to indicate that the information is continually updated or edited to reflect changes that may occur during the life of the document. Your infrastructure is also living and... Read more
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Top5 03/19/2014

Come with me, dear reader, on a journey. An odyssey wrought with perils and conquest, valor, victory and venerable voracity. Or, you know, some really cool technology and geeky stuff, at least. This voyage will take you through the twists and... Read more
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Top5 02/03/2014

I come to you heavily laden with programmatic gifts, software defined goodies and web based subsidies. I know, that last one is weird, right? Subsidies on the web? Oh yes, it’s a thing, trust me. This week the Top5 is packed with tasty goodness... Read more
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When Programmability Extends Beyond the Platform

#SDAS #SDDC A programmable platform should be more than just lipstick on a CLI The term programmability is, like every other term associated with hype-driven trends, used to describe a wide range of capabilities. In general, when applied to... Read more
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Gartner Data Center 2013: Find F5

Only in Vegas would someone bet that you couldn't shoot a video in 1 take.   He lost.   With a live audience watching & $5 on the line, I show you how to find F5 booth 202 at Garner Data Center 2013.     ps  ... Read more
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Load Aware Fabrics

#cloud Heterogeneous infrastructure fabrics are appealing but watch out for the gotchas One of the "rules" of application delivery (and infrastructure in general) has been that when scaling out such technologies, all components must be... Read more
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F5 Synthesis: The Reference Architectures

The next-generation App-Focused, Solution Driven model for supporting all of your business applications.  Your business uses countless applications in a given day. At F5, we built a reputation as an industry leader by helping organizations... Read more
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F5 introduceert een nieuwe architectuur voor software defined application services

F5’s Synthesis architectuur omvat een portfolio intelligente applicatiediensten en modellen, om gebruikers te helpen bij het toepassen van security-, mobility- en cloud-initiatieven.Deze nieuwe benadering maakt het klanten makkelijker om hun... Read more
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It is All About the Application

We live in an ADHD world. Lately, everything we do is interrupt driven. When my pocket buzzes, I check my phone to read the latest message. Or, I may access my social media applications to see my friends’ updates and send a quick response, making... Read more
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VMworld2013 - VMware NSX

I catch Charlie Cano, F5 Sr Solution Architect to whiteboard F5's integration with VMware NSX - their Network Virtualization Platform. What is NSX, how F5 integrates and the infrastructure benefits are all covered.  F5 announced... Read more
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VMworld2013 - F5 VMware Alliance

I chat with Sr. Business Development Manager Frank Strobel about the F5 and VMware partnership along with how the two organizations work together on integrating solutions. ps Related: VMworld2013 - Find F5 F5 Offers Customer-Focused Activities... Read more
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Inside Look - PCoIP Proxy for VMware Horizon View

I sit down with F5 Solution Architect Paul Pindell to get an inside look at BIG-IP's native support for VMware's PCoIP protocol.  He reviews the architecture, business value and gives a great demo on how to configure BIG-IP. BIG-IP... Read more
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TechEd2013 – The Top 5 Questions

I review the top 5 questions being asked in booth 816 at #MSTechEd 2013. Azure, NVGRE and TMG all make the list. There is a surprise at #5 but not to those of us in the booth. :-) ps Related: TechEd2013 – Find F5 TechEd2013 – Network... Read more
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