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Using an F5 iApp to Install and Configure VMware Horizon with View on Nutanix

Welcome to the second post in my series about realizing the benefits of using F5 technology with hyper-converged infrastructure such as the Nutanix hyper-converged platform. Last month, I walked you through the simple process of installing BIG-IP... Read more
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The Power of the Proxy: Request Routing Memcached

There are three things today that an application needs to survive in today’s demanding world: scale, security, and performance. It is for both reasons of scale and performance that memcached has become such a popular solution in modern... Read more
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F5 Predicts: Education gets personal

The topic of education is taking centre stage today like never before. I think we can all agree that education has come a long way from the days where students and teachers were confined to a classroom with a chalkboard. Technology now underpins... Read more
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F5 BIG-IP is now VCE Vblock ready certified: How can your Applications take advantage ?

Does your IT constantly demand ways to cost efficiently scale their infrastructure? Do you like to accelerate application deployment by leveraging a converged infrastructure environment that manages pools of network, storage and compute resources... Read more
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F5 Friday: We've Got You (Virtually) Covered

#F5 #virtualization #SDAS #webperf You've all heard the news, right? Load balancers are dead. But that doesn't mean load balancing is dead and, in fact, it's a pretty critical piece of today's emerging technologies. That's... Read more
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F5 Automated Backups - The Right Way

Hi all,   Often I've been scouring the devcentral fora and codeshares to find that one piece of handywork that will drastically simplify my automated backup needs on F5 devices. Based on the works of Jason Rahm in his post "Third... Read more
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Habitually Successful Delivery

#devops We usually call it "continuous" but we really want is for deployment to be habitual and, more importantly, successful.  It's that time of the year, when resolutions promising grand changes in our lives are made - and... Read more
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