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Implementing Client Subnet in DNS Requests

Using an iRule and edns-client-subnet (ECS) we can improve the accuracy of F5 GTM’s topology load balancing. Read more
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F5 Synthesis: Hybrid to the Core

#SDAS #SDN #Cloud #SSL #HTTP2.0 F5 continues to pave the way for business to adopt disruptive technologies without, well, as much disruption. The term hybrid is somewhat misleading. In the original sense of the word, it means to bring together... Read more
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20 Lines or Less #76: Subnets, Persistence and SNATs

What could you do with your code in 20 Lines or Less? That's the question I like to ask for the DevCentral community, and every time I go looking to find cool new examples that show just how flexible and powerful iRules can be without getting... Read more
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F5 Friday: We've Got You (Virtually) Covered

#F5 #virtualization #SDAS #webperf You've all heard the news, right? Load balancers are dead. But that doesn't mean load balancing is dead and, in fact, it's a pretty critical piece of today's emerging technologies. That's... Read more
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Top5 03/04/2014

Whether you were traveling to RSA or elsewhere last week, heads down in a stack of projects a mile high, or just didn’t have the time to dig through the virtual onslaught of information bouncing around … I’ve got your back. There has been an... Read more
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Top5 02/03/2014

I come to you heavily laden with programmatic gifts, software defined goodies and web based subsidies. I know, that last one is weird, right? Subsidies on the web? Oh yes, it’s a thing, trust me. This week the Top5 is packed with tasty goodness... Read more
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Top5 01/06/2014

New year. New calendar. New resolutions and all that. Same ole’ Top5. Here’s hoping that that’s a good thing, though! Ringing in the new year, this Top5 brings you more goodness from DevCentral ranging from some DNS-y fun to the sad story of a... Read more
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Top5 12/16/2013

Many things are afoot in the world of F5, with many feet marching along to a myriad of drummers, and many hands making light work, or so we hope. The cacophony of clichés aside, there’s a heck of a lot being done these days. It’s harder than... Read more
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Co-opetition at F5? Or, right tools for the right job!

Configurability versus productivity A long time ago, in a dark room far, far away, I wrote code. While at the time I thought it as exciting as being tapped into The Matrix, I will admit that the only real semblance came from the fact that I used a... Read more
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Top5 10/21/2013

Not only is today’s Top5 educational, as always, but it also veers slightly into a celebratory theme, as well as working on your Latin vocabulary. Surely by now you expect nothing less than such a valuable, multi-faceted offering, no? Sure, there... Read more
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Top5 09/24/2013

The funny thing about funny little human brains, other than, of course, getting around in them, is that they are forever trying to keep up with their surroundings. That can prove a formidable task under the simplest of circumstances. We’re talking... Read more
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20 Lines or Less #69: Port Ranges, Oracle Connections and Pool Member Toggling

What could you do with your code in 20 Lines or Less? That's the question I like to ask for the DevCentral community, and every time I do, I go looking to find cool new examples that show just how flexible and powerful iRules can be without... Read more
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Top5 08/30/2013

From making heroes and rock stars, to a complete interface facelift, to throwing up the horns and rocking out (the dude abides, by the way, most certainly), DevCentral has undergone more than a few small changes since the last Top5 hit the waves... Read more
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TechEd2013 – The Top 5 Questions

I review the top 5 questions being asked in booth 816 at #MSTechEd 2013. Azure, NVGRE and TMG all make the list. There is a surprise at #5 but not to those of us in the booth. :-) ps Related: TechEd2013 – Find F5 TechEd2013 – Network... Read more
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My Top 5 iRules Development Practices

I've been writing iRules now for about eight years and have found many ways around success along the way. But I've also learned a few things as well, many of which save me a lot of time and frustration on the bigger and more complex... Read more
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DevCentral Top 5 11/27/2012

Just as my tour through the outback (well okay, major populous cities in Australia, but the outback sounds way cooler) was winding down, it was time to ramp back up for leg #2 of this year's fall pilgrimage to bring the goodness that is iRules... Read more
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HTML5 WebSockets Illustrates Need for Programmability in the Network

#HTML5 #SDN The increasing use of HTML5 WebSockets illustrates one of the lesser mentioned value propositions of SDN – and ADN: extensibility. It's likely that IT network and security staff would agree that HTML5 WebSockets has the... Read more
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F5 ... Wednesday: Bye Bye Branch Office Blues

#virtualization #VDI Unifying desktop management across multiple branch offices is good for performance – and operational sanity. When you walk into your local bank, or local retail outlet, or one of the Starbucks in Chicago O'Hare,... Read more
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DNS Architecture in the 21st Century

It is amazing if you stop and think about it, how much we utilize DNS services, and how little we think about them. Every organization out there is running DNS, and yet there is not a ton of traction in making certain your DNS implementation is... Read more
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F5 Agility Summit 2012 - The DevCentral Community

I chat with Joe Pruitt, Sr. Strategic Architect for F5's DevCentral Community.  We have a great conversation about DevCentral, it's history, it's purpose and all the cool stuff, like iRules, forums and blogs, that you can find on... Read more
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F5 Friday: Programmability and Infrastructure as Code

#SDN #ADN #cloud #devops What does that mean, anyway? SDN and devops share some common themes. Both focus heavily on the notion of programmability in network devices as a means to achieve specific goals. For SDN it’s flexibility and rapid... Read more
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F5 Friday: ADN = SDN at Layer 4-7

The benefits of #SDN have long been realized from #ADN architectures   There are, according to ONF, three core characteristics of SDN: “In the SDN architecture, the control and data planes are decoupled, network intelligence and state... Read more
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F5 Friday: Are You Certifiable?

#F5TCP #interop You are now. Introducing the F5 Technical Certification Program. Can you explain the role of the Cache-Control HTTP header? How about the operational flow of data during an SMTP authentication exchange? Are you well-versed in... Read more
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F5 Friday: In the NOC at Interop

#interop #fasterapp #adcfw #ipv6 Behind the scenes in the Interop network Interop Las Vegas expects somewhere in the realm of 10,000 attendees this year. Most of them will no doubt be carrying smart phones, many tablets, and of course the old... Read more
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