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The Cloud and The Consumer: The Impact on Bandwidth and Broadband

Cloud-based services for all things digital will either drive – or die by – bandwidth Consumers, by definition, consume. In the realm of the Internet, they consume far more than they produce. Or so it’s been in the past. Broadband connectivity... Read more
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In Replication, Speed isn’t the Only Issue

In the US, many people watch the entire season of NASCAR without ever really paying attention to the racing. They are fixated on seeing a crash, and at the speed that NASCAR races average – 81mph on the most complex track to 188 mph on the least... Read more
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IT and Data: If Not Me, Then Who? If Not Now, Then When?

Related Articles and Blogs WAN Optimization: Getting the Most Bang For the Buck How Much is a T1 Line? (dated info on t1 and larger, well documented) Zombies! This Years’ Vampires Are Zombies! Read more
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RTT (Round Trip Time): Aka – Why bandwidth doesn’t matter

A great post over on ajaxian got me to thinking today.  Why is it whenever you hear people talking about speed on the internet, they use a single metric?  Whether they’re discussing the connection in the datacenter, their residential... Read more
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Web Application Security at the Edge is More Efficient Than In the Application

If one of the drivers for moving to cloud-based applications is reducing costs, you should think twice about the placement of application security solutions. There’s almost no way to avoid an argument on this subject so I won’t tiptoe around it:... Read more
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The Bandwidth of Sneakernet to the Cloud

Just what is the bandwidth of a van full of hard drives traveling 300 miles at a speed of 65 mph? After a short Twitter discussion based on this post which suggested Ye Olde Sneakernet is the best way to transfer large data sets from the... Read more
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Infrastructure Matters: Challenges of Cloud-based Testing

An interesting thing happened on the way to testing that application from the cloud. We broke the innertubes! Pros and Cons of Application Testing in the Cloud A firm wanted to test their application and need 100 browser instances. In the old days... Read more
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How to recoup the costs associated with long URLs and variable names

Long URLs and variable names increase transfer size which wastes bandwidth and money o3 magazine has a great article on the impact of long URLs on bandwidth; specifically on how much bandwidth is wasted by excessively long URLs and variable names... Read more
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The New, New Math of Cloud

It’s been a long time since I had the (mis)fortune to sit in a math class, so bear with me while I figure this out. In order to determine my daily budget for the application I am hosting with Google’s App  Engine, I need to sum the results of... Read more
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Curing the Business-class Broadband Blues with Cloud Computing

One of the most affordable options for small and medium businesses in terms of Internet connectivity is business-class service from cable and telco providers like Time Warner Cable, Cox, Verizon, and AT&T. Unfortunately, the definition of... Read more
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Automatically detecting client speed

We used to spend a lot of cycles worrying about detecting user agents (i.e. browser) and redirecting clients to the pages written specifically for that browser. You know, back when browser incompatibility was a way of life. Yesterday. ... Read more
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