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Interesting Data versus Useful Data

I'm sure there are few people who have escaped some form of reporting or metrics collection in their careers. Pondering my various roles and responsibilities for a moment, I think I've measured almost everything: SPAM emails caught,... Read more
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The Internet of Things and mobility driving HTTP and cloud

#IoT #bigdata #cloud The Internet of Things smells like opportunity for everyone. There is no industry that hasn't been touched by the notion of smart "things" enabling convenience or collaboration or control in every aspect of our... Read more
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The Internet of Things: The Only Winning Move is to Play

#IoT #BigData The lure of free and convenience has finally won How many of you actually fill out the registration cards that come with your kid's toys? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? That's what I thought. Me neither. Not as a... Read more
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F5 Friday: I am in UR HTTP Headers Sharing Geolocation Data

#DNS #bigdata  #F5 #webperf  How'd you like some geolocation data with that HTTP request? Application developers are aware (you are aware, aren't you?) that when applications are scaled using most modern load balancing... Read more
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Big issues for Big Data

It’s one of those technologies that seem to divide opinion, but Big Data is beginning to make a real impact on the enterprise. Despite some experts saying that it’s nothing more than hype, new figures from Gartner suggest that CIOs and IT decision... Read more
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