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F5 Friday: So That DNS DDoS Thing Happened

#infosec #dns #ddos Smurfs aren't just for ICMP anymore...     DNS, like any public service, is vulnerable. Not in the sense that it has vulnerabilities but vulnerable in the sense that it must, by its nature and purpose, be... Read more
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Whenever keys, certificates, and PKI enter into a security solution’s architecture the solution almost always becomes overly complex. DNSSEC is no exception, but it doesn’t have to be. DNS plays a role in every application on the Internet. It is... Read more
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Obfuscate GTM's BIND Version

For various reason's, one might wish not to advertise to the world the version of BIND running on the GTM.  The fix action is to add two lines to the options section of the named.conf file (See Below).  This can be done at the... Read more
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The Networking ABC's - A through Z

In yesterday's post, I finished up my Networking ABC's with the final post of Z.  For those of you who can't find my ABCs tag list on my blog, I figured I'd list them all for you in one place.  A is for AuthB is for... Read more
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The Networking ABC's - B is for BIND

And so continues on the ABC's of Networking.  For today's letter of "B" I could have talked about bandwidth, BIGipCookie, browsers, buffer size, or bursting restrictions but I opted to pick one of the core components that... Read more
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