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Oh No! It’s Not An iPad! Enough of the Playbook Bashing Already.

It’s kind of funny the way the tech press will kick an incumbent around the block for perceived or imaginary shortcomings in their products. The Blackberry Playbook is a good example. You’d think that RIM went out and created a useless piece o... Read more
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Controlling Cloud and iPad. Be the Usher, Not the Bouncer

The purpose of an usher, be it at an old time movie theater or a wedding, is to take people to suitable seats and see that they’re comfortable. The purpose of a bouncer is to throw out bums and keep the peace. These two words conjure pictures in... Read more
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A Taste of Blackberries

No, not the kiddie lit favorite by Doris Buchanan Smith, I mean the smart phones.  I was not a member of the smart phone club when I started at F5.  In fact, my first week on the job was at our international sales conference and I... Read more
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Return to a Plugged in World

I have returned from my two week hiatus.  One of those weeks was spent entirely unplugged - no BlackBerry, no laptop, no Internet, and no television.  For a person whose job depends on the Internet and web applications spending a week... Read more
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Wow, how many of these do YOU remember?

A critical mass of 3 or more engineers in a room for more than 4 hours at a time will (with ~90% certainty) evolve (devolve?) into a conversation starting with that old gem: "Well, I remember when..." Last week it was all about... Read more
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42 feeds and then some...

RSS is a curious thing. I've found people either love it or hate it. For the most part, I still really like content on the web delivered in it's original format. However, I continue to come around the elegance and power of RSS. Here's... Read more
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More caffeine please...

In the last few months, I've been focused on Microsoft Technologies such as PowerShell, Windows Mobile, MOM, and most recently the iControl Assembly written in C# with Microsoft VisualStudio.  I've never been a professional Jav... Read more
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