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To You and Yours...

May your Christmas be merry, bright, and full of the joy of the season!   As for me and mine, we're outta here this week. Posts will resume next week, but they'll be unattended as our family will be enjoying the warm seas of ... Read more
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Tracking Author Statistics for Bloggers

As part of the recent upgrade of DevCentral, we moved blogging platforms to "inside" the core CMS of DevCentral. Previously it had been a standalone application that was integrated by aesthetic means only. The advantage of incorporating... Read more
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Enabling Author Rich Snippets

Since the recent upgrade of DevCentral, you may have noticed a change in the way Google displays some blog posts: This change is caused by the implementation of Author Rich Snippets. In essence, this allows a website to tell Google more... Read more
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F5 Weblog Guidelines and Policy

At F5, many of us do things everyday that will change the world as we unleash powerful forces that enrich networked applications. Telling the world about them in a positive, insightful, efficient, and personally interesting manner through Weblogs... Read more
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So You Want to be a Blogger?

F5 corporate and community blogs live on the DevCentral site and provide a great way to get the message out about what our products do, how they can be used and great information about the industry. DevCentral blogs are hosted in multiple... Read more
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Connecting Windows Live Writer to Your DevCentral Blog

Although you will be submitting your blog articles via DevCentral the client that you will most likely use to compose the posts is a third party App called Live Writer. Live Writer is a part of the Windows Live bundle from Microsoft and offers a... Read more
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