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Building A Search Plugin For Windows Live Writer

So, a few weeks ago, Lori asked me if I’d be up for writing a plugin for Windows Live Writer to insert DevCentral related links into her blog posts.  For those that don’t know about Windows Live Writer and post to a blog regularly, you ar... Read more
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Write It Like Seth

If you happened to read my post this morning (WILS: Applications Should Be Like Sith Lords) you might be wondering if the cat got my tongue this morning or if perhaps I’ve lost the ability to ramble on write passionately about application... Read more
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What's in a name?

Boy I have to say, every time I wipe the egg off my face a new batch gets smeared on there. In this recent blog post I misused the term "Panacea". It was late, I was cleaning things up, and I was thinking plethora and wrote Panacea.... Read more
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Corporate Blogging: The Fallacy of Quantity vs Quality

As a corporate blogger I rarely post "off topic". There's a reason for that, and a reason why I'm doing so now. The core reason for doing so now is that it's a subject that's near and dear to me, having spent the majority... Read more
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The Race is On!

The Race is On! Read more
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"Press" Blogging 101: Citations, Attributions, and Plagiarism

Bloggers, like members of the press, often quote industry insiders and experts. Conversely, vendors sometimes like to quote bloggers and members of the press, particularly if they have a large enough following and say something good about the... Read more
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"Press" Blogging 101: Confidentiality

The last time you heard a member of the press on television say something was "off the record" you might have thought that real journalists don't say things like that. It's just too corny. Trust me, they do. And they mean it,... Read more
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To blog, or not to blog...

...that is indeed a critical question in this world of ubiquitous ad hoc communication.  I find myself asking each time I post "Is my topic of value?  How is one to know exactly what is the measure of value?" Especially when... Read more
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Gnomedex here I come...

I just arrived at the Bell Harbor Convention Center in Seattle for Gnomedex 2007.  For those who haven't heard of Gnomedex (including most of the folks on my team...), here's the philosophy of the conference Six years... Read more
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