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AppSec Made Easy: Anti-Bot for Mobile APIs

Learn how to use the F5 Advanced Web Application Firewall to easily lock down your applications so that bots can’t attack your mobile APIs. This video will show you the quick way to add anti-bot and other protections directly into your mobile app. Read more
Average Rating: 4.9
4 Reviews

AppSec Made Easy: Proactive Bot Defense

Learn how to use the F5 Advanced Web Application Firewall to easily protect your applications against bots. Bots can be used as tools for a variety of attacks such as DoS, credential stuffing and brute force, or web scraping. Read more
Average Rating: 4.8
4 Reviews

Mazar Bot Overview

Mazar Bot targets multiple banks with malware that is spread through SMS text messages. Read more
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Proactive Bot Defense Using BIG-IP ASM

Bot activity is something that needs to be monitored and controlled. On one hand, you want the good bots to access your site, but on the other hand you want the bad ones to stay away. Read more
Average Rating: 4.9
3 Reviews

Madness DDoS Bot Analysis

Madness is a relatively new, constantly evolving, Denial of Service bot. We have been monitoring this bot’s functionalities for the last months, and it certainly represents a big progress in the DoS area of expertise.        ... Read more
2 Reviews

Threat Analysis: perlb0t

This ancient bot, also known as the “Mambo” bot (due to an old vulnerability in the Mambo CMS it tried to exploit) has been around for a very long time, and many variations of it has been seen. However, from our observations, it is still being... Read more
1 Review