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Lightboard Lessons: Mirai Botnet and GRE Floods

The Mirai Botnet grabbed headlines at the end of last year when it used thousands of IoT devices to launch DDoS attacks on several targets. These attacks were larger than anything the Internet has ever seen. While it's certainly newsworthy to discuss the Mirai Botnet in general, we wanted to dig a little deeper into one of the actual DDoS attack vectors used by this botnet... Read more
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Threat Analysis: perlb0t

This ancient bot, also known as the “Mambo” bot (due to an old vulnerability in the Mambo CMS it tried to exploit) has been around for a very long time, and many variations of it has been seen. However, from our observations, it is still being... Read more
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The Icebox Cometh

Will the Internet of Things turn homes into a House of Cards? Our homes are being invaded...but not with critters that you'd call an exterminator for.  Last summer I wrote Hackable Homes about the potential risks of smart homes, smart... Read more
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Inside Look: BIG-IP ASM Botnet and Web Scraping Protection

I hang with WW Security architect Corey Marshall to get an inside look at the Botnet detection and Web scraping protection in BIG-IP ASM. LimelightPlayerUtil.initEmbed('limelight_player_846028');   ps Related: F5's YouTube... Read more
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Is There Such a Thing as a Safe Area of the Web?

It only takes one click …. Alan Shimel posted a question as a blog post last week regarding the usefulness of anti-virus products on desktops. I am pretty savvy, try to stay away from sites and links that I am not familiar with and don’t... Read more
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Amazon Response to Botnet Incident: Balancing Privacy with Security in Cloud Computing

An e-mail exchange with Kay Kinton, a spokesperson for Amazon, on the subject of Amazon and its recent run-in with the Zeus botnet controller, raised two very interesting and valid points. First, there is a fine balance that must be maintained by... Read more
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Botnets, Worms, and “Open” Clouds: Can Enterprise-Class Clouds Be Far Behind?

Cloud computing environments are just as suited to illegitimate use as legitimate use. Do providers need a way to separate the chaff from the wheat to reassure enterprise-class customers that they’re doing everything they can to eliminate the... Read more
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The Web 2.0 Botnet: Twisting Twitter and Automated Collaboration

Collaborating automatically via Web 2.0 APIs is a beautiful thing. I can update status on Twitter and it will automagically propagate to any number of social networking sites: Facebook. FriendFeed. MySpace. LinkedIn. If I had to do it all... Read more
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The Web 2.0 API: From collaborating to compromised

Are you protecting your Web 2.0 APIs? As Web 2.0 applications continue to expand from connected to collaborative via the extensive use of APIs it behooves developers and security professionals alike to consider the ramifications of providing... Read more
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