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Cloud Extend: Because One Size Does Not Fit All

Active Endpoints introduces Cloud Extend for Salesforce.com and reminds us that commoditization most benefits providers, customization most benefits customers. In the context of cloud computing we often mention the driving force behind many of... Read more
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Cloud + BPM = Business Process Scalability

Cloud is more likely to make an application deployment more – not less – complex, but the benefits are ultimately worth it. I was a bit disconcerted by the notion put forward that cloud-based applications are somehow less complex than their... Read more
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And the Killer App for Private Cloud Computing Is…

Automating components is easy. It’s automating processes that’s hard. The premise that if you don’t have an infrastructure comprised solely of Infrastructure 2.0 components then you cannot realize an automated, on-demand data center is, in fact,... Read more
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Approaching cloud standards with end-user focus only is full of fail

If you’re looking at standardization and interoperability efforts only as they relate to providers or end-users then you’re not thinking long term nor are you really considering the potential of cloud computing and virtualization to revolutionize... Read more
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How Microsoft is bursting into the cloud with BizTalk

Darren Jefford has an excellent (and detailed with code examples) post Related Posts regarding what could easily be categorized as cloudbursting with BizTalk workflows. In a nutshell, Micr... Read more
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