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Ask the Expert – Why Web Fraud Protection?

Corey Marshall, Security Solution Architect, explains why the browser is a new threat vector into an organization’s applications and infrastructure. This universal client can be the weakest link in the access chain and malicious characters ar... Read more
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Security Sidebar: I Can See Your Browsing History

Is there any expectation of browsing privacy on the Internet any more?  Well, there shouldn't be.  A few years ago, Internet browsers were widely known to have vulnerabilities that allowed websites the ability to search a user's... Read more
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Et Tu, Browser?

Friends, foes, Internet-denizens … lend me your browser.  Were you involved in any of the DDoS attacks that occurred over the past twelve months? Was your mom? Sister? Brother? Grandfather? Can you even answer that question with any... Read more
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Does This Application Make My Browser Look Fat?

Web applications that count on the advantage of not having a bloated desktop footprint need to keep one eye on the scale… A recent article on CloudAve that brought back the “browser versus native app” debate caught my eye last week. After... Read more
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How to Make mailto Safe Again

Using HTTP headers and default browser protocol handlers provides an opportunity to rediscover the usability and simplicity of the mailto protocol. Over the last decade it's become unsafe to use the mailto protocol on a website due to e-mail... Read more
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Facepalm: Google Wave Choice of XMPP Not the Death of HTTP

Google didn’t kill HTTP. Neither did Colonel Mustard or Professor Plum. In fact, HTTP is still very much alive. Okay, folks, it’s time to stop declaring the death of protocols/technologies prematurely. Please? Especially when such proclamations... Read more
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Who's Winning the Browser Wars

We all have our favourite browsers for one reason or another and if you're a geek like me you might even have 3 browsers or more installed.  With all the new browsers being launched we are being bombarded with statistics about which one... Read more
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You want what? To run where? Without THAT?

The February issue of Dr. Dobb's has a lot of articles about cloud computing. That's not surprising, cloud computing is very much on the minds of many folks these days and it does affect developers as much as (if not more than) most IT... Read more
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Automatically detecting client speed

We used to spend a lot of cycles worrying about detecting user agents (i.e. browser) and redirecting clients to the pages written specifically for that browser. You know, back when browser incompatibility was a way of life. Yesterday. ... Read more
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Is the URL headed for the endangered technology list?

Jeremiah Owyang, Senior Analyst, Social Computing, Forrester Research, tweeted recently on the subject of Chrome, Google's new open source browser. Jeremiah postulates: Chrome is a nod to the future, the address bar is really a search... Read more
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Is the Mozilla FireFox 3 SSL policy bad for the web?

Slashdot is discussing a recent rant regarding Mozilla FireFox 3's SSL policy regarding self-signed certificates. The rant claims that the policy is "bad for the web."  Nat Tuck Thu on Mozilla SSL policy bad for the... Read more
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Application Acceleration 2.0 : Breaking Browser Limitations

Several years ago it became necessary for browsers to put limitations on the number of simultaneous connections allowed not only to be open, but how many of those could be open to a single domain. This helped prevent unintentional (and, in some... Read more
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