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So you're going to the Cloud? Make sure you're using the 5 Minute Cloud Licensing Challenge

Moving to the Cloud sounds simple enough, but as you start it becomes clear that this is a major change. There are many questions that must be answered. How will I move and orchestrate hundreds of applications? Which applications should go first?... Read more
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You named your products "Good, Better and Best?" What were you thinking?

“Funny … but really, what are the names you’re going to market with?” “I’m not presenting these to my customer. They’re too simple.” And that’s when I knew we’d gotten it right. After all, the objective for licensing is to make it simple... Read more
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Get out your dice! It’s time for a game of Datacenters & Dragons

It’s the all new revised fifth edition of the popular real-life fantasy game we call Datacenters and Dragons DM (Datacenter Manager): “Through the increasingly cloudy windows of the datacenter you see empty racks and abandoned servers where... Read more
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May I Mambo Dogface to the Banana Patch?

There’s a reason for the angst elicited by inaccurate definitions of cloud computing and it may lead to rethinking a laissez-faire view of such definitions. Language impacts our perception and can dramatically change the way we understand – or... Read more
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Knowing is Half the Battle

There’s a difference between automation and orchestration, and knowing which one you’re really doing is half the battle in achieving a truly dynamic data center. Randy Heffner on CIO.Com wrote an excellent article on SOA and its value, “SOA:... Read more
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When Did Specialized Hardware Become a Dirty Word?

If you’re just trading “specialized” hardware for “dedicated” hardware you’re losing more than you’re gaining.  Apparently I have not gotten the memo detailing why specialized hardware is a Very Bad Thing(TM) . I’ve looked for it, I really... Read more
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WILS: What Does It Mean to Align IT with the Business

We’ve been talking about “aligning IT with the business” since SOA first took legs but you rarely see CONCRETE EXMAPLES OF WHAT THAT REALLY MEANS. It sounds much more grand and lofty than it really is. To put it in layman’s terms, or at least... Read more
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Cloud is the Gift That Keeps On Giving

Ultimately the CAPEX vs OPEX arguments over public and private cloud computing are irrelevant. Business-value is the only metric that really counts. B renda Michelson, Principal of Elemental Links, writes “elemental cloud computing” recently... Read more
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We Don’t Know What Cloud Is But What We’re Doing It

Survey says IT still doesn’t agree on the definition of cloud – private or public – but everybody is doing it Every organization with a stake in cloud computing’s predicted billions of dollar market is interested in understanding what it is IT... Read more
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How do you get the benefits of shared resources in a private cloud?

I was recording a podcast last week on the subject of cloud with an emphasis on security and of course we talked in general about cloud and definitions. During the discussion the subject of “private cloud” computing was raised and one of the... Read more
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Getting Around That Pesky Speed of Light Limitation

Can intercloud intelligence eliminate the impact of intercontinental latency? Ken has always posited that it would be not only kewl but highly efficient if your data center could “follow the sun.” We all know that application performance is... Read more
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