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Security Sidebar: Google Leads The Way On Sunsetting SHA-1

SHA-1 (or Secure Hash Algorithm) is a cryptographic algorithm that was developed by the National Security Agency in the 1990s and is widely used in popular cryptographic protocols like Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security... Read more
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Searching DevCentral Just Got Easier

I recently received an internal iRule email and one of our folks created a search provider for FireFox to search DevCentral.  Lori quickly responded and asked if we could get this posted to DevCentral.  Why not if it will help the... Read more
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Google Chrome Extension I Want to See

This week Google announced that Chrome is now going to support extensions and plug-ins.  Early design documents and reference materials have been released and I'm looking forward to seeing what gets developed.  I downloaded and... Read more
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Acceleration ABCs - N is for Netscuse

A netscuse is blaming the Internet for being unable to complete a task.  In many instances an application delivery controller or acceleration solution can help eliminate these netscuses. How many of these netscuses or something similar have... Read more
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Acceleration ABCs - J is for JavaScript

JavaScript has been a fixture in web applications for many years now and it can have a serious impact in the performance of a web page.  First off JavaScript (js) is just text so these files can benefit significantly from compression. ... Read more
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Google Chrome Will Make You Smarter

A while back I posted about Google's new browser Chrome.  I talked about the new features included and how I believe it will be a force to be reckoned with in the pending browser wars.  What I didn't mention was that by using it,... Read more
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A Billion More Laughs: The JavaScript hack that acts like an XML attack

Don is off in Lowell working on a project with our ARX folks so I was working late last night (finishing my daily read of the Internet) and ended up reading Scott Hanselman's discussion of threads versus processes in Chrome and IE8. It was a... Read more
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Google Chrome doesn't want you to visit google.com securely!

I was playing around with Google Chrome the last few days and of course the first thing I did was login to my personal email account on Google Apps.  Everything seemed to work great so I went ahead and visited a few other sites.&#160... Read more
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Is the URL headed for the endangered technology list?

Jeremiah Owyang, Senior Analyst, Social Computing, Forrester Research, tweeted recently on the subject of Chrome, Google's new open source browser. Jeremiah postulates: Chrome is a nod to the future, the address bar is really a search... Read more
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Google Chrome - Review

Seeing how I haven't installed any beta software lately (yeah right), I figured I jump in with everyone else on the net and see what's up with Google's new entry in the browser market.  If you haven't heard about Chrome yet... Read more
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