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UAE IT Decision-Makers Highlight Growing Scale and Impact of DDoS Attacks

​Ahead of tomorrow's IDC CIO summit in Dubai, F5 Networks has released new survey findings highlighting UAE IT decision-makers' views on DDoS attacks. Out of 102 respondents from companies with at least 500 employees, 55% said they... Read more
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Useful IT. Bringing Health Record Transfer into the 21st Century.

I read the Life as a Healthcare CIO blog on occasion, mostly because as a former radiographer, health care records integration and other non-diagnostic IT use in healthcare is a passing interest of mine. Within the last hospital I worked at th... Read more
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CIOs Should Know that IT is Infrastructure as a Service.

InformationWeek has been out and about talking up their most recent CIO survey and keeps calling attention to the fact that one in three CIOs see creating a new business or business model as a driver in 2011. This is not a new phenomenon, but on... Read more
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It’s about customers and CIOs, not vendors and campaigns.

Lately there has been a whole lot of breast-beating and article writing attributing this trend to that vendor and this other trend to this other vendor. You may have noticed that we at F5 benefit from some of this noise. It is pretty well accepted... Read more
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The Real Meaning of Cloud Security Revealed

Hint: It doesn’t actually have much to do with technology or products In case you hadn’t heard, a startup called Panda Security has introduced a cloud-based anti-virus offering. This set off a rift of articles and blogs discussing the solution... Read more
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No soup for you!

Automation isn’t some special brand of soup and there’s no “automation nazi” who can deny access to its benefits. The recent McKinsey report on cloud computing has pundits everywhere choking on their donuts and scrambling to dispute the report’s... Read more
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Moore's law is a double-edged sword

In the good old days when I was in college I had a generic PC. That's the way we did it back then - we built our PCs out  of parts (obligatory "you kids don't know how good you have it these days" look). On that PC is... Read more
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Damned if you do, damned if you don't

There has been much fervor around the outages of cloud computing providers of late, which seems to be leading to an increased and perhaps unwarranted emphasis on SLAs the likes of which we haven't seen since...well, the last time the IT saw... Read more
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