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Linux is Not the Answer to Security Problems

Malicious links served up in a browser are OS agnostic. They don’t care about the OS because the target is people, not technology. In response to the problem of links and trust put forth in a recent post a reader replies that the answer to “evil... Read more
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Being first to do something doesn’t automatically make it proprietary even if the first is Microsoft

Somebody has to be first Recently Microsoft came up with a solution, supported natively in IE8, to protect against clickjacking attempts. Apparently some folks have decided that because Microsoft has a history of implementing proprietary... Read more
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Clickjacking Protection Using X-FRAME-OPTIONS Available for Firefox

But browser support is only half the solution, don’t forget to implement the server-side, too. Clickjacking, unlike more well-known (and understood) web application vulnerabilities, has been given scant amount of attention despite its risks and... Read more
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ClickJacking Your Way Into Office

I recently blogged about a new type of browser vulnerability called ClickJacking aimed at tricking you into clicking on something you weren't aware you were clicking on.  The idea is that the bad guy hides a button by making it invisibl... Read more
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Protect Yourself From ClickJacking With FireFox And NoScript

Worried about losing your personal information?  Yep, me too!  The updated FireFox plugin NoScript aims to thwart the recently discovered ClickJacking class of browser based security exploits. Less than a month ago a new class of browse... Read more
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