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The Magic of Mobile Cloud

It’s like unicorns…and rainbows! #mobile Mark my words, the term “mobile” is the noun (or is it a verb? Depends on the context, doesn’t it?) that will replace “cloud” as the most used and abused and misapplied term in technology in the coming... Read more
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Does This Application Make My Browser Look Fat?

Web applications that count on the advantage of not having a bloated desktop footprint need to keep one eye on the scale… A recent article on CloudAve that brought back the “browser versus native app” debate caught my eye last week. After... Read more
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How Reality Blew the Cloud Away at Interop

As a telecommuter – and one that lives in that technological mecca of the midwest, Green Bay – I don’t often get the chance to talk face to face with, well, anyone. Being conscripted into booth duty at Interop this week means I get to talk to... Read more
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You want what? To run where? Without THAT?

The February issue of Dr. Dobb's has a lot of articles about cloud computing. That's not surprising, cloud computing is very much on the minds of many folks these days and it does affect developers as much as (if not more than) most IT... Read more
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The Great Client-Server Architecture Myth

The webification of applications over the years has led to the belief that client-server as an architecture is dying. But very few beliefs about architecture have been further from the truth. The belief that client-server was dying - or at least... Read more
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