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Cloud bursting, the hybrid cloud, and why cloud-agnostic load balancers matter

Cloud Bursting and Hybrid Cloud When researching cloud bursting, there are many directions Google may take you. Perhaps you come across services for airplanes that attempt to turn cloudy wedding days into memorable events. Perhaps you'd... Read more
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Cloud bursting: what you need to know

It’s the stuff of nightmares: After months of preparation and marketing the launch day finally arrives, the “Go” button is pressed and your creation is released into the wild. Shortly after that moment your website starts failing; too many people... Read more
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Cloud Bursting: Gateway Drug for Hybrid Cloud

The first hit’s cheap kid … Recently Ben Kepes  started a very interesting discussion on cloud bursting by asking whether or not it was real. This led to Christofer Hoff  pointing out that “true” cloud bursting required routing based... Read more
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The Conspecific Hybrid Cloud

Operational consistency and control continue to be a driving force in hybrid cloud architectures When you’re looking to add new tank mates to an existing aquarium ecosystem, one of the concerns you must have is whether a particular breed of... Read more
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Live Migration versus Pre-Positioning in the Cloud

The secret to live migration isn’t just a fat, fast pipe – it’s a dynamic infrastructure Very early on in the cloud computing hype cycle we posited about different use cases for the “cloud”. One that remains intriguing and increasingly possible... Read more
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F5 Friday: Elastic Applications are Enabled by Dynamic Infrastructure

You really can’t have the one without the other. VMware enables the former, F5 provides the latter. The use of public cloud computing as a means to expand compute capacity on-demand, a la during a seasonal or unexpected spike in traffic, is... Read more
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Is Your Glass of Cloud Half-Empty or Half-Full?

If we look at cloud in terms of what it does offer instead of what it doesn’t, we may discover more useful architectures than were previously thought to exist. I have a fairly large, extended family. While I was growing up we gathered at our... Read more
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The Three Reasons Hybrid Clouds Will Dominate

In the short term, hybrid cloud is going to be the cloud computing model of choice. Amidst all the disconnect at CloudConnect regarding standards and where “cloud” is going was an undercurrent of adoption of what most have come to refer to as a... Read more
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Cloud Balancing, Reverse Cloud Bursting, and Staying PCI-Compliant

One of the concerns with cloud bursting specifically for the use of addressing seasonal scaling needs is that cloud computing environments are not necessarily PCI-friendly. But there may be a solution that allows the application to maintain its... Read more
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Pursuit of Intercloud is Practical not Premature

Kicking of the new year (and a new decade) with a lively debate on a technological concept that is barely out of its infancy is always a good thing. Fred Cummins over at HP recently penned “Pursuit of the Intercloud is Premature” and caught the... Read more
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Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Makes Internal Cloud bursting Reality

How to leverage a “private virtual cloud” such as Amazon VPC with your own dynamic infrastructure A couple of blog posts on Amazon’s recent announcement of its VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) have made much of the fact that the resources... Read more
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The End of DNS As We Know It

DNS wasn’t meant to handle hybrid cloud architectures and on-demand routing When you start distributing services (workloads, applications) across multiple locations, a la cloud balancing, and those locations may change on a frequent basis you... Read more
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Cloud Balancing, Cloud Bursting, and Intercloud

So once we have the intercloud, what are we going to do with it? Some debate is heating up, at least on Twitter, about a variety of cloud-related topics. As James Urquhart pointed out in his “Three debates that will benefit cloud computing”... Read more
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How Sears Could Have Used the Cloud to Stay Available Black Friday

The prediction of the death of online shopping this holiday season were, apparently, greatly exaggerated. As it's been reported, Sears, along with several other well known retailers, were victims of heavy traffic on Black Friday. One wonders... Read more
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How Microsoft is bursting into the cloud with BizTalk

Darren Jefford has an excellent (and detailed with code examples) post Related Posts regarding what could easily be categorized as cloudbursting with BizTalk workflows. In a nutshell, Micr... Read more
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Cloud computing conundrum causing confusion

It seems that every time a new technology breaks through the surface a hundred "experts", vendors, and standards-bodies appear like moths to a flame attempting to define the term such that only "they" have the answer, the... Read more
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Building a Cloudbursting Capable Infrastructure

Reuven Cohen of the Elastic Vapor blog, in this article, puts forth the notion that infrastructure is required to enable cloudbursting and then asks an excellent question: To truly enable a ... Read more
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Bursting the Cloud

The cloud computing craze is leading to some interesting new terms. Cloudware and cloudbursting are two terms I particularly like for their ability to describe specific computing models based on cloud computing. Today we're going to look at... Read more
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