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OVF: A few layers short of a full stack

OVF (Open Virtualization Format) apparently just isn’t getting enough mindshare out there in the discussions of cloud computing that focus on portability and interoperability. The goal of OVF is to provide a portable, interoperable non-vendor... Read more
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Interoperability between clouds requires more than just VM portability

The issue of application state and connection management is one often discussed in the context of cloud computing and virtualized architectures. That's because the stress placed on existing static infrastructure due to the potentially rapid... Read more
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More on the Meta-data Menagerie

Rich Miller, in response to some questions I maintain on meta-data ownership and interoperability with regards to the CCIF's efforts in defining a cloud interoperability specification, had some questions of his own: The part I'm... Read more
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Cloud Computing: Achieving full interconnectedness

The saying goes that to forget (or in some cases blatantly ignore) the mistakes of the past is to be doomed to repeat them. ODBC. BPEL. JDBC. All three are extensible standards in the software industry that cause no end of headaches and... Read more
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Infrastructure 2.0: The Feedback Loop Must Include Applications

Greg Ness calls it "connectivity intelligence" but it seems that we're really talking about is the ability of network infrastructure to both be agile itself and enable IT agility at the same time. Brittle, inflexible infrastructures... Read more
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Making Infrastructure 2.0 reality may require new standards

Managing a heterogeneous infrastructure is difficult enough, but managing a dynamic, ever changing heterogeneous infrastructure that must be stable enough to deliver dynamic applications makes the former look like a walk in the park. Part of the... Read more
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