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Big-IP Access Policy Manager (APM) Identity Federation SAML Documentation

Want to address problems associated with identity federation deployment for SaaS and on-premise applications? Check out How F5 Access Policy Manager solution can help you achieve that here. Read more
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Access Control in the New Mobile, Hybrid World

There is a brave new world dawning for the corporate world. There are many “new norms” – and a gold rush of new opportunities, but also new challenges with which they come – streaking like lightning throughout organizations. The workforce of... Read more
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SAML Find Its Cloud Legs

#IAM #cloud #infosec #SAML “When I took office, only high energy physicists had ever heard of what is called the World Wide Web... Now even my cat has it's own page.” - Bill Clinton Despite the slow descent into irrelevance of SOA and its... Read more
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The Mounting Case for Cloud Access Brokers

#infosec #cloud #iam Addressing the need for flexible control of access to off-premise applications Unifying identity and access management has been a stretch goal for IT for nearly a decade. At first it was merely the need to have a single,... Read more
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Solving Substantiation with SAML

Organizations are deploying distributed, hybrid architectures that can span multiple security domains. At any moment, a user could be accessing the corporate data center, the organization’s cloud infrastructure, or even a third party, #SaaS web... Read more
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