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When The Walls Come Tumbling Down.

When horrid disasters strike and both people and corporations are put on notice that they suddenly have a lot more important things to do, will you be ready? It is a testament to man’s optimism that with very few exceptions we really don’t, not at... Read more
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Whither Cloud Gateways?

Farm tractors and military tanks share an intertwined history that started when some smart person proposed the tracks on some farming equipment as the cross-country tool that tanks needed to get across a rubble and shell-hole strewn World... Read more
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Useful Cloud Advice, Part One. Storage

There’s a whole lot of talk about cloud revolutionizing IT, and a whole lot of argument about public versus private cloud, even a considerable amount of talk about what belongs in the cloud. But not much talk about helping you determine what... Read more
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Cloud Storage Use Models

I was on the road last week, doing my bit for a roadshow with VMWare and NetApp sponsored by CDW. My team has spread these trips out amongst us, and I drew Nashville as my city to visit. I’ve been through and around Nashville, but never stayed... Read more
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It is Never Easy, But There’s a Lot of Change Going On.

Every spring I get excited. I live in Wisconsin, which my travels have shown me you may not understand. I have actually been told “that is not your house, there is snow on the ground. All of America is sun and beaches”. Well, in Wisconsin, it get... Read more
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Cloud Storage: Just In Time For Data Center Consolidation.

There’s this funny thing about pouring two bags of M&Ms into one candy dish. The number of M&Ms is exactly the same as when you started, but now they’re all in one location. You have, in theory, saved yourself from having to wash a secon... Read more
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Let’s Rethink Our Views of Storage Before It Is Too Late.

When I was in Radiographer (X-Ray Tech) training in the Army, we were told the cautionary tale of a man who walked into an emergency room with a hatchet in his forehead and blood everywhere. As the staff of the emergency room rushed to treat th... Read more
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Certainly Cirtas! Cloud Storage Gains Momentum

I’ve been talking about Cloud Storage Gateways off and on, and F5 doesn’t have any reason to care one way or the other which Cloud Storage Gateways win the race, so even though I always strive to keep my blogs only biased based on merit, this one... Read more
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Like “API” Is “Storage Tier” Redefining itself?

There is an interesting bit in high-tech that isn’t much mentioned but happens pretty regularly – when a good idea is adapted and moved to new uses, raising it a bit in the stack or revising it to keep up with the times. The quintessential example... Read more
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Here Comes Payback Time. Prepare for Storage Shortages.

The last couple of years have been painful, to say the least. Some call them unprecedented, financially, but I do believe that is pushing the descriptor a bit far, since there have been plenty of instances where business pretty much en-masse... Read more
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Cloud Storage Gateways, stairway to (thin provisioning) heaven?

With thanks to Led Zeppelin for some great lyrics. There's a sign on the wall But she wants to be sure 'Cause you know sometimes words have Two meanings Since cloud computing has a bit of an identity crisis,... Read more
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Cloud Storage Gateways. Short term win, but long term…?

In the rush to cloud, there are many tools and technologies out there that are brand new. I’ve covered a few, but that’s nowhere near a complete list, but it’s interesting to see what is going on out there from a broad-spectrum view. I have talked... Read more
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If I Were in IT Management Today…

I’ve had a couple of blog posts talking about how there is a disconnect between “the market” and “the majority of customers” where things like cloud (and less so storage) are concerned. So I thought I’d try this out as a follow on. If I were... Read more
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