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The day of the virtual desktop has come...and gone

Desktop virtualization. Virtual desktops. Application streaming. Whatever you want to call it makes no nevermind to me because the problem driving the entire concept is gone. Eradicated. Made irrelevant by the cloud. Made irrelevant by cloudware,... Read more
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The Three "Itys" of Cloud Computing

No matter where you deploy it, it's still your application Related Reading Everyone's talking about cloud computing and cloudware (applications in the cloud) services and pointing to th... Read more
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Cloudware and information privacy: TANSTAAFL

Ars Technica is reporting on a recent Pew study on cloud computing and privacy, specifically concerning remote data storage and the kind of data-mining performed on it by providers like Google, indicates that while consumers are con... Read more
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Bursting the Cloud

The cloud computing craze is leading to some interesting new terms. Cloudware and cloudbursting are two terms I particularly like for their ability to describe specific computing models based on cloud computing. Today we're going to look at... Read more
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Google Gmail: The Lawn Darts of the Internet

This blog on the inadvertent sharing of Google docs led to an intense micro-conversation in the comments regarding the inadvertent sharing of e-mail. sensitive financial data, and a wealth of other private data that remained, well, not so private... Read more
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