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WILS: Virtualization, Clustering, and Disaster Recovery

#virtualization Clustering is local. Disaster recovery is global. There are two levels of reliability for an application. There’s local and there’s global. We might want to consider it more simply as “inside” and “outside” reliability. ... Read more
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Load Balancing on the Inside

Business critical internal processing systems often require high-availability and fault tolerance, too. Load balancing and application delivery is almost always associated with scaling out interactive, web-based applications. Rarely does anyone... Read more
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Not all application requests are created equal

ArsTechnica has an interesting little article on what Windows Azure is and is not. During the course of discussion with Steven Martin, Microsoft's senior director of Developer Platform Product Management, a fascinating – or disturbing in my... Read more
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Why you should not use clustering to scale an application

It is often the case that application server clustering and load-balancing are mistakenly believed to be the same thing. They are not. While server clustering does provide rudimentary load-balancing functionality, it does a better job of providing... Read more
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Layer 7 Switching + Load Balancing = Layer 7 Load Balancing

Modern load balancers (application delivery controllers) blend traditional load-balancing capabilities with advanced, application aware layer 7 switching to support the design of a highly scalable, optimized application delivery network.... Read more
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Clustering versus load-balancing

What's the difference, really? There are actually quite a few differences, even if you ignore that clustering is generally used to refer to the capability of a software product to provide load-balancing services and load-balancing is often... Read more
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