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The “All of the Above” Approach to Improving Application Performance

#ado #fasterapp #stirling Carnegie Mellon testing of ADO solutions answers age old question: less filling or tastes great? You probably recall years ago the old “Tastes Great vs Less Filling” advertisements. The ones that always concluded in... Read more
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The Four V’s of Big Data

#stirling #bigdata #ado #interop “Big data” focuses almost entirely on data at rest. But before it was at rest – it was transmitted over the network. That ultimately means trouble for application performance.    The problem of... Read more
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Turns Out Compression is Good for Image Heavy Sites

Think that your image heavy site won’t benefit from compression? Think again, because compression is not only good for image heavy sites, it might be better than for those without images. jetNEXUS has a nice post entitled, “What does... Read more
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WILS: The Many Faces of Compression

There’s compression, and then there’s compression. One of the most common means of improving application performance is to reduce the size of the data being exchanged as redress for inherent network protocol behavior that can cause excessive... Read more
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