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Applying Scalability Patterns to Infrastructure Architecture

Too often software design patterns are overlooked by network and application delivery network architects but these patterns are often equally applicable to addressing a broad range of architectural challenges in the application delivery tier of... Read more
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Cloud is not Rocket Science but it is Computer Science

That doesn’t mean it isn’t hard - it means it’s a different kind of hard.   For many folks in IT it is likely you might find in their home a wall on which you can find hanging a diploma. It might be a BA, it might be a BS, and you... Read more
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Computer Engineer Barbie: We Need Details not Dolls

She’s chic, she’s cute, she’s a Computer Engineer? Really? Are you sure? There’s been a lot of commentary, good and bad, about Barbie and her new “career”, but that’s not going to stop me from adding one more. The Good ... Read more
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Computer Science: Cool versus Cash

The reasons behind an increasing enrollment rate in computer science programs say it isn’t coolness driving interest, it’s cash. But the reality of computer science is such that opportunistic degree chasers aren’t likely to make it through the... Read more
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A queue is a (a) line (b) a pony tail (c) a data structure

Neil McAllister @ InfoWorld has a great blog post on The Web development skills crisis. He postulates at that "The most agile developers, however, are those who approach programming with a firm grounding in computer science."Amen,... Read more
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