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LTE: Context is King

The ubiquity and influence of LTE is intensifying by the day. According to the 2014 Ericsson Mobility report, 65% of the world's population will be covered by LTE in 2019, with data traffic in the Central Europe,... Read more
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Drama in the Cloud: Coming to a Security Theatre Near You

#mobile #infosec #gdi Conflicting messages from various trends are confusing … should you care about the client end-point or not? On the one hand, cloud: "Another key enabling factor for enterprise mobility is the cloud based delivery... Read more
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Cloud Delivery Model is about Ops, not Apps

#cloud #byod #mobile #devops If there’s a difference between cloud and traditional app delivery from the end-user perspective, you’re doing it wrong. There seems to be a growing disconnect between reality and hype, fueled by the rainbow and... Read more
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F5 Friday: F5 Application Delivery Optimization (ADO)

#ado #fasterapp #webperf The “all of the above” approach to improving application performance A few weeks ago (at Interop 2012 to be exact) F5 announced its latest solution designed to improve application performance. One facet of this “all of... Read more
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When Big Data Meets Cloud Meets Infrastructure

#stirling #interop #infosec #bigdata Bridging the Gap between Big Data and Business Agility I’m a huge fan of context-aware networking. You know, the ability to interpret requests in the context they were made – examining user identity,... Read more
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Mobile versus Mobile: 867-5309

#mobile #context The identity crisis created by common platforms negatively impacts the ability to serve consumers and corporate IT consistently The focus on the explosion of mobile devices is heavily weighted toward IT in terms of management... Read more
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Complexity Drives Consolidation

The growing complexity of managing more users from more places using more devices will drive consolidation efforts – but maybe not in the way you think.  Pop quiz time. Given three sets of three items each, how many possible combinations... Read more
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What Does Mobile Mean, Anyway?

We tend to assume characteristics upon hearing the term #mobile. We probably shouldn’t… There are – according to about a bazillion studies - 4 billion mobile devices in use around the globe. It is interesting to note that nearly everyone who... Read more
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Mobile versus Mobile: An Identity Crisis

#mobileThe expansive options consumers revel in creates an identity crisis for IT that is best resolved via context-aware mobile mediation. Back in the days of the browser wars, when standards were still largely ignored and the battle for the... Read more
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F5 Friday: Creating a DNS Blackhole. On Purpose

#infosec #DNS #v11 DNS is like your mom, remember? Sometimes she knows better.   Generally speaking, blackhole routing is a problem, not a solution. A route to nowhere is not exactly a good thing, after all. But in some cases it’s an... Read more
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The Three Axioms of Application Delivery

#fasterapp If you know these three axioms, then you’ll know application delivery when you see it. Like most technology jargon, there are certain terms and phrases that end up mangled, conflated, and generally misapplied as they gain traction... Read more
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Infrastructure Architecture: Avoiding a Technical Ambush

#infosec #apt Advanced persistent threats are the new black in security. A more context-aware architecture may help avoid compromise and the ensuing ambush.  Meet the new attack, same as the old attack. That’s because it is an old attack.... Read more
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The Consumerization of IT: The OpsStore

Tablets, smart phones and emerging mobile devices with instant access to applications are impacting the way in which IT provides services and developers architect applications. When pundits talk about the consumerization of IT they’re mostly... Read more
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Don’t Let Automation Water Down Your Data Center

A recent power outage in the middle of the night reveals automation without context can be expensive for aquariums – and data centers. You may recall from several posts (Cloud Chemistry 101, The Zero-Product Property of IT and The Number of the... Read more
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F5 Friday: Hyperlocalize Applications for Everyone

Desktops aren’t GPS-enabled but don’t let that stop you from providing hyperlocal information to all your fans. IMAGE from macmillan buzzword dictionary   Two people are sitting in an Internet-enabled café. Let’s call the... Read more
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Operational Risk Comprises More Than Just Security

Recognizing the relationship between and subsequently addressing the three core operational risks in the data center will result in a stronger operational posture. Risk is not a synonym for lack of security. Neither is managing risk a... Read more
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More Users, More Access, More Clients, Less Control

It used to be that “mobile” access implied “remote” access. That’s no longer true. As the variety of clients continue to expand along with the venues from which we users can access corporate resources the ability to intelligently enforce... Read more
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Don’t Conflate Virtual with Dynamic

Focusing on form factor over function is as shallow and misguided as focusing on beauty over brains. The saying goes that if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. I suppose then that it only makes sense that if the only tool you... Read more
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What We Learned from Anonymous: DDoS is now 3DoS

It’s not just that attacks are distributed, but that attacks are also diverse in nature – up and down the stack, at the same time. If Anonymous has taught us anything it’s that the future of information security is in fending off attacks across... Read more
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What is Network-based Application Virtualization and Why Do You Need It?

Need it you do, even if know it you do not. But you will…heh. You will. With all the attention being paid these days to VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) and application virtualization and server virtualization and virtualization it’s... Read more
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HTTP Now Serving … Everything

You can’t assume anything about an application’s performance and delivery needs based on the fact that it rides on HTTP. I read an interesting article during my daily perusal of most of the Internet (I’ve had to cut back because the Internet... Read more
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Defeating Attacks Easier Than Detecting Them

Defeating modern attacks – even distributed ones – isn’t the problem. The problem is detecting them in the first place. Last week researchers claimed they’ve discovered a way to exploit a basic security flaw that’s used in software that’s in... Read more
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Location-Aware Load Balancing

No, it’s not global server load balancing or GeoLocation. It’s something more… because knowing location is only half the battle and the other half requires the ability to make on-demand decisions based on context. In most cases today, global... Read more
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Cloud Needs Context-Aware Provisioning

Devops needs to be able to SELECT COMPUTE_RESOURCES from CLOUD where LOCATION in (APPLICATION SPECIFIC RESTRICTIONS) The awareness of the importance of context in application delivery and especially in the “new network” is increasing, and... Read more
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Top-to-Bottom is the New End-to-End

End-to-end is a popular term in marketing circles to describe some feature that acts across an entire “something.” In the case of networking solutions this generally means the feature acts from client to server. For example, end-to-end protocol... Read more
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