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Infrastructure Architecture: Avoiding a Technical Ambush

#infosec #apt Advanced persistent threats are the new black in security. A more context-aware architecture may help avoid compromise and the ensuing ambush.  Meet the new attack, same as the old attack. That’s because it is an old attack.... Read more
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F5 Friday: Hyperlocalize Applications for Everyone

Desktops aren’t GPS-enabled but don’t let that stop you from providing hyperlocal information to all your fans. IMAGE from macmillan buzzword dictionary   Two people are sitting in an Internet-enabled café. Let’s call the... Read more
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Don’t Conflate Virtual with Dynamic

Focusing on form factor over function is as shallow and misguided as focusing on beauty over brains. The saying goes that if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. I suppose then that it only makes sense that if the only tool you... Read more
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Location-Aware Load Balancing

No, it’s not global server load balancing or GeoLocation. It’s something more… because knowing location is only half the battle and the other half requires the ability to make on-demand decisions based on context. In most cases today, global... Read more
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