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Cloud Delivery Model is about Ops, not Apps

#cloud #byod #mobile #devops If there’s a difference between cloud and traditional app delivery from the end-user perspective, you’re doing it wrong. There seems to be a growing disconnect between reality and hype, fueled by the rainbow and... Read more
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Mobile versus Mobile: An Identity Crisis

#mobileThe expansive options consumers revel in creates an identity crisis for IT that is best resolved via context-aware mobile mediation. Back in the days of the browser wars, when standards were still largely ignored and the battle for the... Read more
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F5 Friday: Creating a DNS Blackhole. On Purpose

#infosec #DNS #v11 DNS is like your mom, remember? Sometimes she knows better.   Generally speaking, blackhole routing is a problem, not a solution. A route to nowhere is not exactly a good thing, after all. But in some cases it’s an... Read more
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The Consumerization of IT: The OpsStore

Tablets, smart phones and emerging mobile devices with instant access to applications are impacting the way in which IT provides services and developers architect applications. When pundits talk about the consumerization of IT they’re mostly... Read more
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Don’t Let Automation Water Down Your Data Center

A recent power outage in the middle of the night reveals automation without context can be expensive for aquariums – and data centers. You may recall from several posts (Cloud Chemistry 101, The Zero-Product Property of IT and The Number of the... Read more
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F5 Friday: Hyperlocalize Applications for Everyone

Desktops aren’t GPS-enabled but don’t let that stop you from providing hyperlocal information to all your fans. IMAGE from macmillan buzzword dictionary   Two people are sitting in an Internet-enabled café. Let’s call the... Read more
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Operational Risk Comprises More Than Just Security

Recognizing the relationship between and subsequently addressing the three core operational risks in the data center will result in a stronger operational posture. Risk is not a synonym for lack of security. Neither is managing risk a... Read more
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Don’t Conflate Virtual with Dynamic

Focusing on form factor over function is as shallow and misguided as focusing on beauty over brains. The saying goes that if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. I suppose then that it only makes sense that if the only tool you... Read more
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What is Network-based Application Virtualization and Why Do You Need It?

Need it you do, even if know it you do not. But you will…heh. You will. With all the attention being paid these days to VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) and application virtualization and server virtualization and virtualization it’s... Read more
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Defeating Attacks Easier Than Detecting Them

Defeating modern attacks – even distributed ones – isn’t the problem. The problem is detecting them in the first place. Last week researchers claimed they’ve discovered a way to exploit a basic security flaw that’s used in software that’s in... Read more
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That’s Awesome! And By Awesome I Mean Stupid

Deep packet inspection is useless when you’re talking about applications Back in the early days of networking (when the pipes were small and dumb) the concept of “Deep Packet Inspection” started to bubble up the network stack. Deep Pac... Read more
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Extend Cross-Domain Request Security using Access-Control-Allow-Origin with Network-Side Scripting

The W3C specification now offers the means by which cross-origin AJAX requests can be achieved. Leveraging network and application network services in conjunction with application-specific logic improves security of allowing cross-domain requests... Read more
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WARNING: Security Device Enclosed

If you aren’t using all the security tools at your disposal you’re doing it wrong. How many times have you seen an employee wave on by a customer when the “security device enclosed” in some item – be it DVD, CD, or clothing – sets off the alarm... Read more
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How to Build a Cloud Without Using Virtualization

Leveraging Java EE and dynamic infrastructure to enable a shared resource, on-demand scalable infrastructure – without server virtualization Many pundits and experts allude to architectures that are cloud-like in their ability to provide... Read more
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Virtual Machine Density as the New Measure of IT Efficiency

You’re going to need a dynamic infrastructure lest you effectively negate the gains achieved by higher VM densities In the continuing saga of “do more with less” comes a new phrase that’s being tossed around: VM density. For example, VMware puts... Read more
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The Infrastructure 2.0 Trifecta

Balancing Cost, Performance, and Capacity in the Cloud There is a huge difference between provisioning applications to support capacity and provisioning them to support performance requirements. That as capacity increases performance decreases... Read more
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A client is still a client even when it's on the space station

While I was at SD Best Practices in Boston last month I got to talk to a lot of engineers, developers, and architects about their environments and about what F5 does for application delivery. One of the developers glibly told me he wasn&#3... Read more
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