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The Consumerization of IT: The OpsStore

Tablets, smart phones and emerging mobile devices with instant access to applications are impacting the way in which IT provides services and developers architect applications. When pundits talk about the consumerization of IT they’re mostly... Read more
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Don’t Conflate Virtual with Dynamic

Focusing on form factor over function is as shallow and misguided as focusing on beauty over brains. The saying goes that if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. I suppose then that it only makes sense that if the only tool you... Read more
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Cloud Balancing, Reverse Cloud Bursting, and Staying PCI-Compliant

One of the concerns with cloud bursting specifically for the use of addressing seasonal scaling needs is that cloud computing environments are not necessarily PCI-friendly. But there may be a solution that allows the application to maintain its... Read more
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How to Build a Cloud Without Using Virtualization

Leveraging Java EE and dynamic infrastructure to enable a shared resource, on-demand scalable infrastructure – without server virtualization Many pundits and experts allude to architectures that are cloud-like in their ability to provide... Read more
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Virtual Machine Density as the New Measure of IT Efficiency

You’re going to need a dynamic infrastructure lest you effectively negate the gains achieved by higher VM densities In the continuing saga of “do more with less” comes a new phrase that’s being tossed around: VM density. For example, VMware puts... Read more
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The Infrastructure 2.0 Trifecta

Balancing Cost, Performance, and Capacity in the Cloud There is a huge difference between provisioning applications to support capacity and provisioning them to support performance requirements. That as capacity increases performance decreases... Read more
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