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APM Cookbook: Two-Factor Authentication using YubiKey OTP with iRulesLX.

It’s been a number of years since I penned my first DC article: Two-Factor Authentication using YubiKey, YubiCloud and APM. A lot has changed over the years, BIG-IP versions and features, new YubiKey models and the YubiCloud Validation... Read more
Average Rating: 4.9
7 Reviews

APM Cookbook: Modify LDAP Attribute Values using iRulesLX

Introduction Access Policy Manager (APM) does not have the ability to modify LDAP attribute values using the native features of the product. In the past I’ve used some creative unsupported solutions to modify LDAP attribute values, but with the... Read more
Average Rating: 4.3
5 Reviews

APM Cookbook: On-Demand VPN for iOS Devices

Overview I’ve been using On-Demand VPN for a number of years as it’s a secure and easy way to access applications while on the road with the added benefit of conserving device battery life when idle. On-Demand VPN is a simple concept. You define a... Read more
Average Rating: 4.9
6 Reviews

APM Cookbook: Single Sign On (SSO) using Kerberos

To get the APM Cookbook series moving along, I’ve decided to help out by documenting the common APM solutions I help customers and partners with on a regular basis. Kerberos SSO is nothing new, but seems to stump people who have never used... Read more
Average Rating: 4.8
17 Reviews

APM Cookbook: SAML IdP Chaining

As an APM subject mater expert at F5 I often find myself in situations where a customer or colleague needs an example of a particular configuration.  While most of these requests are easily handled with a call or WebEx I'm a firm believer... Read more
Average Rating: 4.6
8 Reviews